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 Post subject: Captured bosom!
PostPosted: 10 Dec 2015, 22:53 
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Game name: Crissa
(In game RP after being caught as Disembodied Boobs)

(Hee, I woulda levelled in another turn. Ohwell ^-^ )
*jiggles her boobs*
The girl's mind gasps into yours as her whole being is heaved upon your chest, pressing out and filling the chest of your dress.
leena moans *rubs her boobies*
Nipples harden against the cloth as the boobs bounce and squirm, your moan eliciting a bit of mana from the witch who is them.
*Rubs her nipples* "You know how to please a woman"
The girl's voice gasps in your head again, as her-your- nipples buzz. She's very ticklish, it seems, and it passes on to you with a thrill.
not wanting the euphoria to end, leena tickles her nipples.
The witch's struggles turn into ticklish shivers across your skin as you tease your nipples. Her mind tumbles back, putty in your hands. (you can assign her a nickname or enchant her identity)
Leena moan loudly and continues to play with jiggly and wiggly.
The plush bosom shudders as you heft one breast, then the other, your moans rocking the witch as you caress her twin orbs which make up her body.
leena lowers her head, pushes up jiggly and begins licking.
The pendulous breast presses against your chin with a shiver as one-half of the girl gets this taut, trembly attention. Her arousal spreads into your body.
Pleasure begins to overload Leena and she begins to squeeze wiggly.
The other half of the girl hefts stiffly, the plush flesh flush with your pleasure, teat taut for your attention. Your labeling sticks to the girl as she struggles not to regard herself as two separate but twin objects.
Leena turns her head and her tongue glides over wiggly as her fingers caress jiggly.
Wiggly goes taut while jiggly hums a different tune, heightening the differences between them. The girl (girls) shudder, caught to your body's arousal, unable to orgasm without you.
leena continues to play with jiggly while she pushes aside her panties with the other.
Wiggly's areola crinkles against the air, your saliva leaving him wanting while jiggly bounces happily, the two being played off one another in your mind as the girl completes her split in twain. Their arousal shudders again at your fingers touching your flesh that they also share.
The twins, caught in your orgasm, shudder and tremble. They feebly cling together under your arm, jiggly and wiggly trying unsuccessfully to meld back into one identity while you sleep.
"yaawn that was good nap" Leena takes shower and lathers soap on the girls.
Wiggly and Jiggly each moan as you lather the girls, the breasts' world being defined by your treatment. They slip apart as you make them soft and bouncy again, nipples taught and their presentation perky.
leena moans in orgasmic bliss as she uses shampoo that used to be a gentleman named Herb L. Essents.
The girls are like two echoes, as they feel your body and orgasms as their own, moaning in twin voices and erect nipples. They fight, ever so more weakly, trying to join back into own as your deft mind keep them trapped as two distinct experiences, locked away in your bosom, feeding you mana.

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