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Author's Note: A rather old piece I have, though it's somewhat related to being transformed and the like, do hope someone reads and enjoys this.
= The Flesh Opera =

The little piece of laminated paper was washed over by droplets of rain; it read "The Flesh Opera", displaying a risqué silhouette with several thin straps leading off her thigh, symbolizing an instrument. You don't remember how you got hold of it, but the invitation which seemed more like a ticket was the perfect thing to take your mind off him, you saw him with that other girl two days ago, they were strolling in the park when he told you he'd be with his grandmother, a crushing blow delivered to a tender heart. The rain's didn't however dare to touch you, a tiny umbrella hiding your rather slim body and its clothing as well. It was the first time you looked at the card since you first found it; it was most likely just some strip club or something in the means of it, so why even bother? But you were determined to go there, nothing more thrilling to do on this depressing Saturday.

Shoulders bobbing from side to side, the busy sidewalk was home for many rude individuals, uncaring of your shattered emotional guard. Reaching the door, you opened it, a hallways presenting itself to you. Closing the umbrella, you took out the little pamphlet once more, presenting it to a small slot in the wall next to a door labeled "Flesh Opera". Nothing happened for the upcoming minutes, your foot taping either in anticipation or impatience, the ticket taken in suddenly and the door opening to velvet curtains close by. Those red blinders were not alone however, an armchair next to a nightstand with what appeared to be a cup of coffee on it stood next to a coat hanger, most likely for you. Your umbrella and coat settled down upon the coat hanger, but you decided not to sit down, pushing the curtains aside to enter what would be a very large chamber, telling by the size of the curtains.

It was dark, unable to even tell the shapes. This darkness was soon shattered by spotlights and floodlights in a wonderful and enjoyable mixture. The spotlight's target was a man taken out of your fantasy, or at least someone's fantasy. Bright pink long hair with a volume leading to an almost feminine body, this man dressed in a white long coat and formal wear, almost gleaming in the light. His hands did not sit idly, instead grasping a white violin, playing it. The music was comprised of his violin dominating over the scene, along with other instruments, this chamber having mostly string instruments. This energetic new individual was the center piece of an orchestra made up of naked women and men, seated in rows. Amongst these, at the end of each row, there were masked individuals clad in white garb, playing white instruments.

"Welcome..." was his first word, taking a step down the complex stage's steps towards you, "The Flesh Opera" these last words starting with an odd twist, stepping past by a row of men and women, they all released a synchronized climactic sound. You're quite in awe of what you just saw, so many of them were naked that you yourself were feeling ashamed to be there, but he inspired something in you. The violin was given off to the left and the bow to the right, passed from hand to hand, his hand gesticulating to the crowd, targeted individuals releasing moans on demand, creating a melodic tonality, all while the man walked towards you.

Reaching the last row, he raised his hands, everyone sitting now standing up in one colossal, synchronized climax, somehow making all these different voices sound melodious, his hands lowered to have them lower their heads along with their silence. You didn't quite dare to look towards them, but all of them were truly naked, fully revealed. "Follow me if you will my dear." The man said, circling once around and beckoning you to another room. You followed him to a dark hallway, the man once more playing his violin, now accompanied by a piano.

One motion made you understand that you should follow, gripping some of your shirt as both of your hands were kept to your chest, you were after all following a man down a dark hallway. His motions led him to stop, bowing forward a tad to utter "Are you the dominant one?" This question made light flood a square indentation to your side, almost as if it were a part of a bedroom. Red all over, a man tied to a bed and a leather clad woman walking towards him, lashing a leather crop at his chest once before pushing his chin up for a kiss, the light dimming down to freeze in this frame as the woman's left hand grasped the man's crotch, squeezing it during their kiss.

"Or be you the submissive one?" The man spoke once more, his voice matching both his violin and the piano that came from somewhere unknown. The lights to your other side lit up, revealing another section of a darker room, a woman bound on her knees, her blindfold hidden partially by her hair. You felt pushed back even more as a man came to insert his erect member inside the woman's mouth. The light dimmed on this side as well just as her head began to move back and forth. Wishing to protest against, you reach out a bit, but are distracted by the man once more.

"Straight?" This word opening up the light over to where he was pointing, a man and a woman having sex, both enjoying this natural contact as he pounded her. You shook your head for a moment, managing to catch a better glimpse this time as this scene lasted longer, the man's hands on her hips, her hands on the wall, to the side of her head. They went at it, his back arching, along with a loud moan, signifying release, but this scene frozen under the dim light once more.

"Or lesbian?" A tender scene of two women on a couch kissing following soon to his other side, one of them making the move and straddling the other's lap, taking this kiss to a whole new level. The scene was broken as her shirt was ripped open by the other woman. You didn't pay too much attention to this, you instead got a better glimpse at the man. His chiseled face had no blemishes, looking too perfect to not be adjusted by makeup or surgery, leading down to a white embroidered buttoned up shirt.

Lights opening up to another large chamber, all the scenes from before there, including many more. "Got a fetish? We've got them all!" said the man, pulled up by strings like an angel to float away from the vision. Each scene was different and you looked over each of them, almost out of curiosity.

You spotted a woman that even you were jealous of, a well-rounded body with a bust to die for, held back by what could be described as office wear a tad too small for her, almost bursting out of it. Her chest stuck out of the tight shirt and her panties were visible at any bend under her black shirt, stockings leading down to shoes. You shouldn't have, but you felt attracted to this scene, stepping forward to watch this scene more in depth. She walked up to a suited man, pulling on his tie, holding him closer into a kiss, one foot going up. His shirt was slowly undone, her hands exploring on his well-rounded abdomen, one of them slipping down his belted pants.

He did the same for her, almost releasing her breasts from a prison as he undone her bra, the woman still leading this tango of pleasure, pushing him against a desk, undoing his belt to fully expose the man. Getting a better position, the man sat a bit up on the desk, her panties slipping down as she climbed on top of him, pushed upwards and downwards on his cock, both of them enjoying this erotic scene. You continued to watch, even though you felt a certain desire yourself, even pain, thinking of your lover.

Once the couple finished, it sounded as if everyone finished, suddenly giving away this giant orgy's size, scenes raging from that of feminization to foot-play and more, the piano's heavy key sting signifying this end, along with the man's appearance "The Flesh Opera makes your fantasies true and your dreams reality, so follow me."

You protested, finally opening your mouth to speak "I'd rather go h-home now, I've seen enough." Knowing this place, you already felt awkward, who knew what awaited, and you weren't going to just let anyone do you in.

"No, it doesn't work that, no one leaves the Opera." Being his words, words that made you not only shudder, but downright steep away and attempt to run away, the door however already closed and locked. A tighter situation you could not think of, but just as you thought you were in for, turning around lead your lips to collide with the man's lips. His touch felt as that of a god, his kiss driving your mind down a road of lust stronger than any other thought, the breaking of this embrace making you fall to your knees, subdued.

You got up with the help of someone else, your vision still blurry as you were lead to the backstage, pushed to sit on a rather soft cushion seat. You recognized the set, it was the entrance to the opera, you were naked among the others now, idly masturbating. Once he pointed at you, an undefeatable urge came as you felt release, adding your voice to this orgasmic chorus. The cycle was complete, you were part of the Opera, now another member of his in this twisted play.

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