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^~^ Hope you enjoy it!

The tavern was abuzz with people, a nearly silent hymn playing in the background as its patrons each discussed different things in this rather jolly setting. Tankards full of dubious contents were tossed and around the counter, a gigantic woman with several arms supplied the music for this locale. She held a guitar that extended well beyond a normal person’s reach, alongside with another instrument that resembled a violin with its neck slightly twisted and a piece of carton holding its strings up, a set of drums around her knees and a hi-hat cymbal on her shoulder. Her other set of hands held and played a long flute, all of these instruments melting into what felt like a calming and medieval tune, her head shaking and landing the row of round bells she had strapped to her head against the hi-hat every now and then.

In the hearth of the tavern crackled and burnt a fire, a pitch black cauldron set upon it, the embers holding it up as if they were holding the world itself upon their shoulders. The children of these embers often departed as sparks outward, dying off and falling to nothingness soon enough. A tankard landed at the end of the counter and began its journey down the it, having an impulse given to it by the tavern keeper. It slid across a delectable cast of characters, ranging from anthropomorphic canines to regal figures clad in ostentatious clothing and monsters of every size and shape. It also went by a peculiar, shiny black creature.

It was a mass of living latex shaped in the form of a somewhat petite woman, her almost ever shifting form wiggling about the place, unable to keep calm in her seat and releasing a mildly squeak every now and then because of her latex composure. She leaned against the counter and then leaned back once more, unable to find a comfortable position, all before the door opened up to a special little guest, at least concerning her.

Serving as a mount and a seat at the same time was a woman bound in electronics and prosthetics, a visor on her head mounted alongside two perky electronic ears that swiveled about with each noise. This poor thing was made to look much akin to a dog, on all fours and with an artificial spine feeding her entire body false impulses that brainwashed the woman further. Her tail wagged, connected through her body in a rather cruel joke through a butt plug. Each step should’ve been hell, should the creature be conscious about what was going on instead of loving it.

Seated atop her back was a tall and slender woman, her every curve chiseled by the gods, her legs crossed, one hand placed on the dog’s head and the other holding on to an instrument of torment, a black leather whip. What the woman wore could not called clothing, latex strapped across her body into an enticing weave that looked like the wrapper to the most exquisite and forbidden piece of poison candy there was, her hair black and strapped in a very long pony tail, two thin lines of hair on each side of her face, framing her face perfectly. Her lips were as black as her fingernails and her gaze, the woman petting her dog every now and then to reward her for being such a good mount.

Once the duo reached the middle of the tavern, the woman vaulted gracefully off the dog’s back, both her round bum and breasts swinging gently and bouncing all the same. The woman reached down to the dog and took out a large coin from a satchel fitted on the hound’s side, tossing it upward. The coin flipped and danced in the air, all before a deafening crack of her whip lashed at it, sending it flying right in the large top hat of the one woman band in the tavern. Seeing this small tribute, the woman flipped her instruments once and began a dreary, droning bit of music, something the woman must’ve requested earlier. This guest revealing herself to be Kitty once light hit her face better.

Her movement was as exaggerated as her entrance in terms of grace and attention, Kitty’s right hand on the head of her hip while her left hand held the whip, each footstep releasing a click from her heels. Whenever she moved, her hips swayed from side to side to give the step more weight, almost raising the woman that had her back straight and head held high in an arrogant display. Her exposed breasts nearly jumped to attention with every step. Her right hand drifted upward as if swept by a breeze to land upon the chin of a certain young male anthropomorphic bat, her index finger drawing his chin’s contour before she blew a kiss, almost making the man collapse.

The man gazed at her and froze at such a touch and attention, soon after starting to flail his arms about the place. It appeared that she must’ve startle him quite a bit as he began to fly around for a few moments before landing back down and simply staring at the woman’s behind bobbing up and down as she walked, chewing on his lip.

A few more steps brought Kitty next to the aforementioned latex lady, our black latex friend being known under the moniker of Meryl. Meryl had been watching Kitty’s approach, biting her supposed lip and releasing a silent squeaking sound because of it. Kitty’s long and thin fingers were soon draped along the side of Meryl’s face, her fingernails dipping ever so gently into the latex and leaving a few groves in their wake as they raked down the woman’s cheek. Meryl slinked her hand on top of the woman’s hand, staring directly into her eyes.

Almost as if her hand was glued to Meryl’s face, Kitty dragged her upward and pulled the woman’s face a mere inch away from her own, lounging forth and planting a kiss on the woman’s latex lips. This smooch lasting only a few moments as Kitty departed from it, leaving a longing Meryl behind and turning around halfway. Her finger curled gently a couple of times in Meryl’s general direction, beckoning the woman to follow.

Acknowledging the command, Meryl nodded with a blank stare, her eyes placed in a trance by the woman’s figure and pacing. Kitty pulled her dog closer and sat upon her back, picking up Meryl as well to sit on the dog. Much to the latex girl’s amazement, the dog dashed out in quite the haste, able to speed down the street at quite the pace. Kitty was stalwart and did not even flinch, her ponytail flickering behind her as Meryl held on tightly to her.

They soon reached a white wall, appearing to just be the wall of a generic building, Meryl quickly coming to the conclusion that they might’ve taken the wrong turn or something. Kitty jumped off the happy dog once more, stepping gently to the wall and placing her hand against it. Black vapours and symbols appeared, telling of magic, the wall crumbling into a mist as she had the dog follow through this illusionary wall, closing it in her wake. Inside was a rather large chamber that looked much akin to a quaint desk room and bedroom combined.

Meryl stood off, exploring the chamber with her eyes. Krysta, the hound bound up in electronics did not waste any time, instead leaping on the bed, running around on it a few times and settling down, holding her head down and looking at Kitty, releasing a happy bark at her. Kitty paced forth to Krysta and began to weave through her hair with her fingernails, plugging a tiny USB port into the woman’s helmet, giving the hound the daily dose of brainwashing material. Images and sounds flashed into Krysta’s mind of her frolicking around and appearing not only content, but elated to be such a hound.

Kitty then bent back up and looked over to Meryl, pointing lightly with her head towards a certain door labeled ‘Kitty’s Dungeon’. Hesitantly, the latex girl approved of this, slinking over to the door and following Kitty inside soon after. Lights flared up on every corner of the chamber, dim, candle shaped lights that swung about lightly. They illuminated implements of torture, ranging from a wooden horse to restraints of varying sizes and shapes. The walls had tools ranging from crops to painful looking paddles adorning them.

Did she step into the devil’s hideout, Meryl asked herself before she felt Kitty’s intoxicating touch upon her shoulders, pushing her forth towards a metal rack with several chains and leather attachments to it. “W-what do you want to do?” Meryl asked, her mass shifting from side to side, only to receive “Wait here.” As an answer, Kitty walking over to a wardrobe and pulling out the lower drawer. She had bent over, her legs still together as she did so, scouring the drawer for something. Meryl couldn’t help by gaze at the woman’s bum and shiver lightly, holding her palms to her face and peering between her fingers.

Kitty bent back up and closed the drawer with her foot, pushing it back in. She appeared to hold a rather large, translucent jar with a cap on, a label on it uttering ‘In case of Meryl’, walking back over to her latex lady and setting the jar aside “Just in case you go… liquid again.” Such words were telling of what was to happen, Kitty’s face now next to Meryl’s face. Her tongue dug into the woman’s ear and adjusted the latex to its free will, whispering “Do try not to just melt through it, it’ll be a lot more enjoyable.”

Meryl’s entire body shivered at such a tender touch and at such telltale words, her hands brought up and shackled into place above her head. Kitty did not waste much time, placing her left hand on the woman’s hip and her right hand on the side of her chest, leaning forth and engaging in a kiss. Their lips played around until Kitty’s tongue went forth and delved into Meryl’s mouth, forming it out to its desires. With her hands exploring Meryl’s body, she felt the woman struggle playfully against her easily escapable bonds.

During all of this, Kitty took her head away, peering at the latex woman who now appeared to gasp. She longed for the kiss already, her eyes widening and her pupils nearly departing into her forehead as something was felt down under. The hilt of Kitty’s whip was now shoved not only against the woman’s nether regions, but into her. Kitty’s delicate hand holding on to the whip and also drawing the woman genitalia, pinching a clittoris out and so forth, teasing her. While the latex lady was supposed to not have sensitive spots, Kitty’s touch was stimulating to say the least, pushing the whip’s hilt even further with an ‘oompf’ from the woman.

A spank came down upon her latex lady’s side, sending waves trembling through Meryl’s body, be them of pleasure or simply ripples caused by the slap. Her fingers danced as they explored Meryl’s body and played with it, adjusting the breasts by pinching their nipples and dragging cruelly downward upon them, enlarging them a bit. Kitty walked around and stood behind the woman’s back, leaning against her and massaging the two breasts, pushing against them and kneading them.

Seeing as Meryl was already beginning to give in, Kitty stopped for a moment, heading back to the front of her dear latex lady and raising her chin, forcing her to lock gazes with Kitty. Her black lips curled into a cruel smirk, it was as if she had already claimed the woman’s body as her own, a latex lady at her command.

“You’re mine.” Were Kitty’s words as he kissed the woman once more, raising her thigh and landing it against the side of Meryl’s body as their bodies meet, Kitty’s body heat soon felt quite a bit. Meryl kissed back for a bit, soon however melting into a puddle of a sudden.

Kitty nearly fell at such an event, readjusting herself and shaking her head, tapping the tip of her high heel against the ground a few times “Tisk tisk… I knew this would happen, thankfully I came prepared.” She replied, placing the jar down on the ground after having unscrewed the cap and starting to shove the nearly water-like Meryl inside, filling the jar. She screwed the cap back on and placed the jar by the side of her hip, carrying it into the main chamber. What the woman did not see was that Meryl’s face appeared inside the jar, a content and happy smirk becoming of her before she turned to just liquid once more.

Placing the jar at her desk, Kitty sat down at her laptop and gave a quick gaze to the hound that was now in ecstasy as she was being brainwashed. Shaking her head with a giggle, one that wasn’t really fit for her look, she turned to her laptop and began writing something up.

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