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Game name: Vix Sera
Hey everybody. Reading through some recent TF Apocalypse stuff and seeing RP's for such things lately has inspired me a bit to create a system for such things. I'll probably also be running a game for this on Skype or via chat sometime in the near future if I can get the interest. This isn't the place for that, though. I'll put up a thread somewhere else on the forum. I AM, however, extremely interested in any ideas that ya'll might have to add for Perks. I'm probably going to be making an instructional graphic for this and spread it around 4chan's /d/ board or /tg/ when I feel like it's a bit more complete. Any thoughts?

Step 1 - Attributes
Players get the following spread of points to allocate: 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1. Points are assigned to rows or columns, not individual stats. You may reduce an Attribute by a point to gain an extra Perk, or vice-versa.


Step 2 - Skills
Players have fifteen (15) points to allocate to their character's skills. A player may invest no more than three points into each skill.


Step 3 - Independent Stats
Willpower - %00-99 (Starts at 60; roll 1d20 and add for starting score. Add [Resolve+Prudishness]x3)
Speed - %00-99 (Starts at 20; roll 1d20 and add for starting score. Add [Strength+Dexterity]x3)
Reflexes - %00-99 (Starts at 20; roll 1d20 and add for starting score. Add [Intelligence+Dexterity]x3)

Willpower - Chance that you will succumb to the advances or sexual abilities of another.
When making a Willpower check, roll a percentage die (1d100). If the result is above your Willpower, you succumb to the advances of... whatever. If it is below, you successfully resist their advances.
Speed - Chance that you will be able to outrun someone (or something...) else.
When making a Speed check, roll a percentage die (1d100). If the result is above your Speed, you do not outrun your the advances of... whatever. If it is below, you successfully evade/outrun them.
Opposed rolls simply roll a d100 and add their [Strength+Dexterity]x3; the higher result is the winner. Ties reroll.
Reflexes - Chance that you notice a hiding enemy, spot extra supplies/resources, or anything else.
When making a Reflexes check, roll a percentage die (1d100). If the result is above your Reflexes, you fail to see/hear/notice/react to whatever is going on. If it is below, you successfully see/hear/notice/react.

Step 4 - Perks - Players start with two Perks. A Negative Perk may be taken to add a single point to an individual Attribute or gain a Positive Perk. A player may take one Neutral Perk/Mutation. Consult your Storyteller if you would like a custom Perk in any category. Multiple Mutations may be taken with Storyteller's approval.

Positive Perks
Virile (Male) - You produce a large volume of semen when you ejaculate. Instead of the normal volume (enough for two doses of cure or four rounds of "ammunition"), you produce three times as much!
Fast Reflexes - You react to everything. Whether you are just extra-paranoid, have supernatural senses, or have extensive training, your awareness of your surroundings is second to none. Change your Attribute multiplier for Reflexes to 6x.
Good at Everything - You have no penalties when using a skill untrained.
Ice Cold - You are very difficult to get aroused and extremely resistant to the effects of pheromones, aphrodisiacs, and seduction. Change your Attribute multiplier for Willpower to 6x. (Why are you playing this game?)
Runner - Whether you ran track in high school or run marathons regularly, you're just faster than everyone else. Change your Attribute multiplier for Speed to 6x.
Resourceful - A scavenger at heart, you always find twice the amount of resources when plundering loot. If others would find a squirt gun, you manage to get two. If you loot a body for a gas mask, you manage to find two. This applies even when logic would dictate it would not be possible or make sense. Why? Because fuck that, you're awesome.
Medic - When making "cure potions," you can make two doses for every sample you use instead of one!
Adept Dodger - You move with the grace of a dancer and the speed of a cat. When dodging, you gain the 9-Again quality to your dice pool.
Brute - A champion weightlifter or just naturally physically talented, you are cut above the average of humanity in terms of strength. You have 9-again on any check involving strength.
Distracting Beauty - You are fucking eye-widening, dick-hardening, pussy-moistening, drop-dead gorgeous. It is, frankly, incredibly distracting in battle. So long as your attacker has the capacity to be sexually attracted to you, you now use [Beauty+Dodge] for all Dodge rolls. (Prerequisite: Beauty 5+)

Neutral Perks ("Mutations") (Positive effect, but with a serious drawback)
Infection "RADAR" - Becomes highly aroused as infected draw closer, but can detect their presence and number.
Milky - You are lactating. In addition to the social embarrassment should others discover this, you can "feed" other survivors your milk to reinvigorate them and restore their stamina. This is highly arousing to the both of you, as your milk also contains some measure of pheromones or aphrodisiac (Willpower checks).
Hematophage - You can drink blood to recover stamina and health, draining it from your victim. Beware that you do not drink from the infected...
Slutty Hormones - Something in your demeanor, posture, pheromones, hormones or even just your nature makes you a total slut. Other survivors unconsciously (or perhaps consciously) pick up on this, and are both more likely to be seduced by you and want to fuck you. This is likely to be more of a curse than a blessing.
Addictive Bodily Fluids - Semen, vaginal excretions, milk, saliva, blood, or whatever (Player's choice, even all of the above!), any person who takes the fluid into their body from yours must make a [Toughness+Resolve] check or become psychologically addicted to your fluids. Every time the same person takes your fluid into their body within a week from the last occurence, a cumulative -1 penalty is added to their roll. A person addicted to your bodily fluids has a -3 on all rolls to resist your advances or orders. However, if they are infected, chances are good that they will be EXTREMELY motivated to come find you...

Negative Perks
Secretly Infected - You are secretly infected, and will eventually (Storyteller's option) transform into one of "them," likely at the worst possible moment.
Sadistic Tendencies - You secretly possess a powerful fetish for forcing/tricking others to transform into the infected, and actively act on your impulses.
Good Smell - You smell awesome. This WOULD be a good thing, but the infected are far more likely to follow/track you.
Quick Metabolism - You have a fast metabolism, and a GREAT body because of it. However, this means you need to eat more than most, and you metabolize the infection at twice the rate of others. Plus pheromones and aphrodisiacs affect you more.
Airhead - You are a ditzy-witzy airhead, and frequently forget important details.
Unlucky - You are unlucky. Anything that can go wrong probably will.
Horny as Fuck! - For whatever reason, you are a horny motherfucker. Maybe you haven't gotten laid in months. Maybe you're a nymphomaniac. Who cares? You just really need to get laid. Your Attribute multiplier is now subtracted from your Willpower score.
Semen Fetish - You love cum. Oh. My. God. Do you love cum. Drinking a "cure potion" drains your Willpower by 10 points rather than restore it.
Screamer - When you masturbate/have sex, you're very, very loud, and you can't help it. Even if you're a dude. This may not always be a problem, but such delicious sounds seem to attract the attention of the infected...
Masochist - You just love it when someone sexy hits you in just the right way... Check for Willpower whenever a creature would hurt you. Failure indicates that you have a sexual response at the Storyteller's discretion. This can be very dangerous around the infected.
Locked Up - You are locked in a chastity device, and the key is elsewhere You are unable to masturbate or have sex.
Sissy - The thought of being transformed into a female is extremely sexually exciting to you, and you can't help but grow weak at the knees when the possibility exists for you to be infected by a strain that will make you a girl. Also, why the hell not, "real men" have the same effect on you when ordering -- you just can't resist them. Dice pools to fight/resist said strains of infected or the demands/orders of masculine men are at a -2.
Weak-Willed - It's just so hard to go against anything that others tell you to do... -2 to rolls to resist such things.
Intoxication Fetish - The thought of being influenced by a foreign substance arouses you to an extreme degree. When afflicted by such a thing (drugs, aphrodisiac, etc.), lose an additional 5 Willpower.

Gameplay Rules (Game is based heavily on World of Darkness mechanics. For inspiration or additional gameplay mechanics, you should buy their book! This author endorses it)

Dice: You will need to have a number of d10's, a d100, and a d20 for this game. The d20 is only used during character creation. When rolling a dice pool, players will add the points invested in each stat called for (Typically an Attribute and a Skill, though other combinations may be necessary, such as Attribute+Attribute or Skill+Skill). They will then take that number of d10's and roll them. For each 8, 9, or 10 that comes up on the faces of the dice, a success is gained. Typically, a player will only need a single success on the dice to achieve success in their rolls. Multiple successes generally indicate increased degrees of success. There is a special rule, called 10-again. This means that when a player rolls a 10 on a die, they may keep that success and roll the die again. If it rolls another 10, they can roll again! There is not limit to how many times a player can roll a die, so long as it keeps coming up a 10. Special situations or modifiers may grant lucky or especially-effective players (or infected) 9-again, or even 8-again on their rolls!

Example Skill Checks:
Johnny wants to pull an infected woman off of his fellow survivor, Sue. He rolls Strength+Fight.
Sue is picking the lock of a door into Safeway, while her party of survivors waits behind her nervously. She rolls Dexterity+Larceny.
Mary is alone and trying to convince the infected survivor that she ran into to separate himself from her before he fully transforms. She rolls Beauty+Persuasion.
Chris meets another survivor whom he thinks might be infected. He rolls Intelligence+Medicine.
Johnny has been dodging around the city, running, and pushing himself for hours trying to evade the infected all around him, and is about ready to pass out. To stay awake a while longer, he rolls Toughness+Resolve.
A Jizzer has just shot her infected cum at Sue! Sue rolls Dexterity+Dodge.
A Whisperer has caught Mary alone, and is taking advantage of her desires, telling her all the sexy things that she is going to do to her. To resist, Mary rolls Resolve+Prudishness.
Chris has found a car that is largely intact! To see if he can repair it, he rolls Education+Mechanic.
Storytellers are encouraged to use logic to dictate whatever roll is needed for the situation, or even create new skills for their campaigns.

Situational Modifiers: The Storyteller may (and is encouraged to) impose negative (or positive) modifiers on the rolls of the players if the situation warrants it. For example, a character struggling to shoot his watergun at an infected in a dark room may get a -1 to a -3 on his dice pool depending ont he level of darkness. Of course, in total darkness, a Storyteller might even impose a massive penalty of -5! Storytellers should give no more than a +/-5 modifier for any individual action. Of course, this isn't to say that one cannot impose multiple modifiers. A character who is tied upside down on a speeding train trying to hit a mobile target with his squirt-gun, at night, in the rain, while blindfolded will understandably find it rather impossible to succeed! Storytellers also should not forget to apply positive modifiers for easy actions, or available equipment. Picking the lock on a door into a storage shed with much-need supplies is far easier with a set of lockpicks than a paper clip, after all!

Dice Pools of 0 or Less: Sometimes, modifiers will reduce a player's dice pool to zero or less. Should this happen, they must roll a single die. This die, however, will only succeed on a 10; the 10-again rule still applies. However, if they should roll a 1 on this die, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. The exact details of such an occurrence are always utterly situational, and should be left to the discretion of the Storyteller. Likely it will lead to the character's discovery by the infected, but plausibly something far worse will happen, such as setting off an alarm that calls hundreds of infected to their location, or the infected futa the character was struggling against manages to pin them and ejaculate half a gallon of infection down their throat.

Five or More Successes: Five or more successes on a roll indicates that something has gone horribly, horribly right. This, again, is left to the Storyteller's discretion, but such an event is typically quite rare, and will give the character a major advantage, or get him out of a sticky situation, or locate an extremely advantageous piece of gear.

Opposed Rolls: Sometimes, two players may choose to oppose each other in an action. Should this occur, the pool with the most successes wins. Defender wins ties.

Untrained Skills: Any untrained skill results in a -2 to the dice pool. (Example: Storyteller calls for Strength+Fight for a roll to struggle against the advances of an amorous infected. The character has Strength 4, and Fight 0. In this case, his dice pool would be two [4 Strength + 0 Fight - 2 for untrained = 2]. The player rolls two d10's, which come up 4 and 8. He is lucky, and manages to fight off the creature and immediately flees the scene!)

Willpower Checks: Each time a Willpower Check is made, the character loses a single point of Willpower. If the Willpower check is failed, they lose 1d10 points in addition to this. The air is saturated with the pheromones of the infected, the smell of sex, and other generally arousing effects. It gnaws at the minds of all, permeating the subconscious, and subtly tearing away even the most powerful resistance.

Masturbation: Masturbating restores 10 Willpower, but can only be done three times per day (Male or female). Naturally, if you are interrupted/unable to orgasm, you do not gain this benefit.

Sex: Sex restores 20 Willpower, but the sounds/smells are likely to draw the attention of the infected. Only do this in a safe place! Naturally, if you are interrupted/unable to orgasm, you do not gain this benefit.

Cure Potion: A mixture with a 1:1 ratio of uninfected male semen and pure water, this can (75% chance of success) neutralize the infection in a survivor if imbibed within an hour of infection. May not be effective in the survivor has ingested a large quantity of infected material (such as being forced to swallow the cum of an infected futa, or an extended session trapped beneath a Kisser while she fucks you) [25% chance of success]. Drinking a "cure potion" also restores your Libido by 10 points for some reason.

Sample Character
Johnny Feelgood

------------Power (1)----Agility (2)-----Resistance (1)
Body (3)----Strength(4)--Dexterity(5)----Toughness(4)
Mind (2)----Education(3)-Intelligence(4)-Resolve(3)
Sex (1)----Beauty(2)----Seduction(3)----Prudishness(2)

Medicine 1
Computer 1
Mechanic 1
Science 0
Fight 2
Gun 1
Dodge 3
Scavenge 2
Sneak 1
Larceny 0
Deception 1
Persuasion 0
Charm 1
Barter 1

Willpower - 94
Speed - 89
Reflexes - 57

Runner (Change your Attribute multiplier for Speed to 6x)
Adept Dodger (When dodging, you gain the 9-Again quality to your dice pool)
Sissy - The thought of being transformed into a female is extremely sexually exciting to you, and you can't help but grow weak at the knees when the possibility exists for you to be infected by a strain that will make you a girl. Also, why the hell not, "real men" have the same effect on you when ordering -- you just can't resist them. Dice pools to fight/resist said strains of infected or the demands/orders of masculine men are at a -2.
Weak-Willed - It's just so hard to go against anything that others tell you to do... -2 to rolls to resist such things.
+1 to Strength (Bonus from selecting a Negative Perk)
+1 to Toughness (Bonus from selecting a Negative Perk)

Johnny Feelgood is a pretty average guy who didn't afraid of anything. He fixed cars, ran track, had some good skills, liked to stay in shape and generally do good. Then the apocalypse struck, and everyone started transforming into sexy monsters that wanted to hunt down and transform the rest of humanity. He's a survivor; his high level of physicality and a bit of luck helped him stay out of the way of the infected's claws this long, but how long can he last alone?
He has joined up with a small group of other survivors he met while holed up at the Safeway in town. There's an outpost broadcasting a radio signal saying they have a safe place to hole up from the infected to the east, and that's where they're all headed. What Johnny hasn't told his fellow survivors is that despite his big muscles and tough-guy attitude, he's secretly a weak-willed sissy. Back before the infection started, he used to dress up like a girl and pay women online to humiliate him, and this whole survivor thing's been really, REALLY hard for him to resist just giving up and becoming one of them...

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It has potential, kinda reminds me of Flexible Survival.

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Game name: Vix Sera
Game details updated. Ver. 1.1
PM me for Skype information; looking to gauge interest for potential group playtesting.

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where can we find the updates for this game? it looks pretty neat. I don't currently have skype though...

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