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 Post subject: Nagasaki || private RP
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Game name: Blair Woods
For a midsummer day in the middle of July, there was an unusual nip in the air. In fact, for the past several days it had been rather chilly, staying within temperatures more suited for the late fall or early spring rather than the middle of one of the hottest months of the year; however, for those with fur instead of bare skin or scales, the lower temperatures were a more than welcome release from the oppressive mugginess that typically came in the summer. Even the earth itself seemed to be taking advantage of the reprieve--the grass seemed to be fuller, the trees drooped less and were beginning to perk up again after months of being deprived of water--and no place was reaping the benefits more than the Scarlet Forest. As the kitsune walked down one of the numerous dirt trails, carved by the feet of generations of people that walked along that very same path no doubt, she took note of the ancient behemoths that surrounded her with the smallest bit of wonder. The silver maiden's affinity for the natural world came not only from the more animalistic side of her thinking, but also from her longstanding servitude to the Goddess of Nature.

Had she been born in this modern day and age, one might have called her a hippie child or a tree hugger, but those labels only applied to the frivolous and the noncommitted; at a little over three thousand years of age, the kitsune had devoted her life to the Goddess, and therefore a more formal title was in order. Priestess was a more palpable calling for her, but it was unlikely that she would ever call herself as such--she was far too childish. Even in the years of her initiation into her servitude for the Goddess, she had shown a playful streak that was unusual to the more conservative members of the order. Many times she had been reprimanded for acting on the whims of her nature, but it did little to curb the mischievous fox. Her natural gifts for magic did little to ease the woes of her teachers. Many times she had been caught turning a farm animal or other small creature into an object, or vice versa; however, even as her pranks and experiments became more carnal, more lustful with age, eventually the Goddess had blessed her with her current form. Age was but a number, and in the case of this particular kitsune, it was quite literal.

Eternal youth was the dream of many young and vain women, and she had been blessed with it in return for her servitude for the rest of the Earth's days. Underneath the red and silver robes, her figure was trim, athletic but still very feminine. Her waist was skinny, her belly flat. Her hips and rear came together with her thighs to form a long and narrow heart; and, four pairs of breasts adorned her bossom, descending in size from the top. It would have been very easy to make her figure as attractive and ravishing as possible, and on rare occasions she had to entertain the more lustful thoughts of a visitor or two to the temple; however, even if she was a tease at times, modesty won out over playfulness when it came to her body.

Even if the maiden was eternally in her reproductive and attractive prime, there was no excuse not to pamper oneself on occasion. Before she had even entered the forest, she had notified one of the other women at the temple of her departure and that she would be gone for several days on an meditative trip; and, for the most part, it had been the truth. She did intend to strengthen her connections with the magical energies around her while she was outside the temple walls for the next several days, but her first priority was to get into a more relaxed state of mind; and, what better way to do so than the hot springs?

As the priestess had arrived at the springs, a small and knowing smile grew on her muzzle. She knelt down at the edge of the water and dabbed her finger in the crystal clear liquid, swirling it around a bit to gauge the temperature. Perfect, she thought. The water, unsurprisingly, was hot; but, given the cool temperature, that was not an issue. She first took off the sash on her robes, allowing the folds to come undone, and folded it neatly before hanging it on a nearby branch. Getting up, she did the same with the robes themselves, leaving nothing but her bare naked fur against the cold. After untying the bun she wore her hair in, she stepped in and walked until the water was up to her neck. As the warmth flowed through her body, a small sigh of content could be heard as she closed her eyes and relaxed....

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