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PostPosted: 29 Nov 2014, 21:01 
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Game name: The council
Greetings citizens of Sunnyglade. This is an emergency broadcast by the united nations council.


We regret to inform you that as of last Tuesday 0-eight hundred local time, earth is at war. Our enemy is an unknown alien force. First contact was established In Germany, minutes before all communication with local operatives was lost. In light of this incursion, this council of nations has convened to approve the activation of the XCOM project. It consists of a covert, international, military and scientific effort to defend our planet by any means necessary. Since then, the project has encountered... Setbacks, and the council has come to see that a new breed of soldier is required.

This is where you come in.

We know of your existence, we know of your civil wars, and we know of your unique... Talents. It is the council's opinion that these make you a credible threat to the peace of our planet. However, given the circumstances the council is willing to... Reconsider that stance. Instead we wish to offer you a chance to employ your abilities to your own benefit, and that of all mankind.

For those of you ready, willing, and able to contribute to the XCOM project, an unmarked military escort will await you at the North exit of your town from 11:30 to 12:00 tomorrow, local time. Volunteers may bring only what personal affects they can carry, and may not contact anyone outside of the town of Sunnyglade with regards to their plans. You will be provided for at the XCOM HQ, where you will be briefed further by one of your own kind: volunteer Meyer.

This broadcast has been restricted to the Sunnyglade township. You will not attempt to record or otherwise spread this footage beyond said borders.

Good luck, citizen.

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2014, 21:02 
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Game name: Sydney Meyer
Hello fellow mages! I'm Sydney Meyer. You may know me from such shenanigans as that time your friend had a different eye color, and that time you thought you saw your twin run around town. And you know what I really like? XCOM! But you know what I like even more? Big, fat bio pages! Can the two be linked? Not too long ago I would've said no, of course not. But more and more it seems like quite a lot of you are avid gamers. So heck, let's give this a try!

Here's the idea: I'll start a brand new game of XCOM: enemy unknown, and anyone who wants to can sign up their TT character to be one of the soldiers. I'll then attempt to translate their bio as accurately as possible into an XCOM soldier and I'll also play them to your specifications no matter what. From that point on whatever happens, happens. Up to and including disbandment of the XCOM project. I will then report back here with promotions, deaths, and generally notable feats (both the good and bad kind), dressed up in a little story. Whenever possible I will also let the volunteers weigh in on major decisions, especially if they affect your own character.

So if you're interested, simply write a chunky bio for your character (if you already have one you're golden) and post a reply in this thread to let me know you're on board. Your reply should also include any and all preferences with regard to your soldier's in-game details. Not sure what I mean by that last bit? Here's some points of interest to get your creative juices flowing:
    What should he/she look like? (Bear in mind XCOM's character creation is quite limited.)
    What is their country of origin?
    Does he/she already have a nickname/call sign?
    Should he/she be a certain soldier class? (assault, sniper, support, heavy) Any particular class abilities he/she should learn, given the chance?
    Any preferred equipment?
    Is he/she one of the first volunteers, or come in later as a rookie?
    Does he/she have a soft spot (or hate) for a particular country or continent?
    What about already established relations with one of the other volunteers?
    Any notable habits or quirks?
    Etc., etc.

Feel free to go nuts! As long as your character's bio contains a decent excuse for it, I'd even be fine with a sniper that only ever uses sidearms and medkits. Just bear in mind what I said earlier: no takesies backsies if your character ends up dead. On the other hand, note that you don't necessarily have to answer all of the questions above, just the parts you care about. The game's randomness, along with your bio and my imagination should fill out the rest by themselves. Also note that if you do want to participate but not as a soldier, you can choose to be something else around the XCOM base: a scientist, a jet pilot, the dropship pilot, a nurse, the team mascot... Obviously you will play less of a role in the actual game, but I'll try to mention you whenever it makes sense.

Since she was the first volunteer Sydney will definitely join the team. So for this to work, I'll need 5 more volunteers at the very least.

Let's see where this goes!

Some technical stuff for those already familiar with XCOM:
    It will be a classic ironman game, though I'll not actually turn on the ironman option. This is because I know for a fact the game can bug out to the point it ends up indirectly killing soldiers. Losing your character that way would be very disappointing, so that's the one scenario where I'll restart a mission. Other than that I'll play it just as if it really is ironman. As for second wave options I'll use high stakes, absolutely critical, new economy, red fog and hidden potential. The idea is to increase the chances of both really good and really bad things happening, which hopefully makes for a more interesting story.

    I currently do not own the enemy within expansion, nor do I plan to use it for this endeavour. The main reason being that doing so would mean the team would be killing actual humans routinely, which I feel goes against the general spirit of transformania time.

    Unless it's a key part of your bio, you can't specify your character will be psychic. That's up to the game's randomness.

For those of you unfamiliar with XCOM but want to know more, here's the quick version:
XCOM: enemy unknown is a strategy game about an alien invasion of earth. You as the player get command over a small team of soldiers that gets sent out to deal with alien incursions. You also research any and all alien technology they bring back in hopes of discovering ways to better fight the aliens and, eventually, a means to beat them once and for all. It sets itself apart from similar games by being quite hard. For example, when soldiers die on a mission they're gone forever.

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2014, 21:09 

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Game name: Elyn Kitsu
I think I'm going to write two bios. The original one I had planned and a secondary option to have a more balanced team.
(Pfft~ Balance! I've never played the game all that long so I have no idea what a balanced team is!)

Elyn "Flat-line" Kitsu
Class: Sniper
Born in 'MURICA or Canada since half our team is from there anyway. Maybe we mostly all know each other? Specifically I'd probably know Nyx.

Her nickname comes from a rather morbid beginning. Soon after first contact she signed up for training as a medic because she'd never truly been in battle before, but wanted to help her friends and country out. However, it quickly became apparent that she couldn't handle seeing people under her care so near death... which would ultimately lead to them 'flat-lining' when she couldn't do what was required of her. The name beginning long before she ever took to the battlefield, and caused her to be reassigned to non-terminal care. A duty that, while important, wasn't exactly the most important of positions. One doctor, a former soldier himself, noticed something though. When she was just performing routine surgery her hands were always so calm... no shaking or emotion in her movement as she worked. It came as a surprise to her when she first got handed a rifle and told to report for training if she still wanted to make a larger difference in people living or dying. Hopefully the nickname would eventually become a positive spin on killing her enemies...

As far as preferred equipment or quirks... she doesn't like being far from her squad, but knows sometimes its just part of her job. She likes to stay somewhat mobile though instead of being the type to just hunker down at all times. Her old medic training still gives her a desire to carry a medkit into the fight, but also realizes that she's not yet a good enough Sniper to survive without a scope. While she feels more drawn to her own countrymen the squad as a whole is important to her, and she has no particular hatred for any alien race (though if she isn't the first to die she'll likely begin to hate the first race to score a kill). I'll leave it mostly up to you regarding armor and stuff cause I have no idea what I'm doing in that regard.

Squad Sight
Damn Good Ground
Disabling Shot
In the Zone

=--------- or ---------=

Elyn "Collateral Damage" Kitsu
Class: Heavy
Born in the place with the thing

It was a fun day when a girl of below average height and build walked into training. It took a while but eventually her aim was good enough that she passed with the rest of the recruits. During her stay though she found herself drawn to devices of a... volatile nature. Grenades and Rockets ended up fascinating her... something about how their intricate qualities could provide such beautiful destruction. Her tinkering causing no undue amount of damage to the facility. Thankfully the actual damage was more to structures then personnel, and it did give her invaluable insight into just how much chaos could be caused if used correctly...

Quirks for this version of Elyn would include a penchant for looking at excuses to use her heavier weapons. Large group of enemies, approaching tough cover, or need to punch a hole in the wall to make a quick escape? Shes on the job. Once again leaving armor and stuff up to you.

Bullet Swarm
Shredder Rocket
If using scope, Rapid Reaction. If not, Heat Ammo
If using grenades, Grenadier. If not, Danger Zone

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PostPosted: 29 Nov 2014, 21:46 
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Location: Canada
Game name: Nyx Valentine
Nyx "Skunk" Clarke, born in Canada. His name comes from the said to be awful smell the medigel he carries gives off. He signed up for the XCOM project almost immediately after first contact.

Support class seemed to be the best fit for him, after all the death the aliens caused, the best he could do was join to help, heal and keep those who are more suited to combat alive.

Tactically, he prefers to be close to his team as to reach the wounded easier. Appearance wise, hes fairly average, only noticeable feature is the beard and trademark hat. Aliens in general do not frighten him, Sectoids to him are actually pretty funny and will focus them down whenever possible, the loud scree they give off on death is a moral booster in a way as well as thinning the amount of return fire. The only species that truly frightens him is the Chryssalid. On missions with them he will over watch whenever given the chance or straight up not accompany them on the mission.

Upgrades: (assuming he survives that long)
Smoke Grenade
Covering Fire
Field Medic
Combat Drugs
Deep pockets

(I know how random the soldiers are in that game, should you get a support from any other country that's fine too. Also not sure if hats were in the core game, if not i leave the hair to you. If i missed anything please let me know)

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PostPosted: 29 Nov 2014, 21:51 

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Game name: Christopher Smith
(Taking the Lord's name in vain, Jesus that was an unpleasant two weeks of essays and tests..)

Christopher "Six Gun" Smith, one of the only British members of the XCOM project, was aptly named due to his propensity of relying upon a revolver to handle any combat situation, whenever he found himself drawn into such excursions. Not a soldier initially, but rather a civilian, he had taken shooting as a hobby, and a deeply set fascination with the American West led to proclivities of fashion and tendencies common found in Spaghetti Westerns, a trait which may one day threaten his life.

He was recruited into the XCOM project whilst upon holiday in America during the sudden invasion, wherein he was drawn to steal the gun of a fleeing police officer and attempt to defend civilians from the approaching greys, with some measure of success, driving them back until a wild shot in the dark struck his shoulder, the man in his arrogance having stood in the middle of the street, idly twirling the gun over the corpse of one of his victims. Fortune smiled upon him however, a band of soldiers soon to become the XCOM project saving him and, by sheer association alone, ended up recruited into their cause.

Smith's taste for theatrics, high calibre handguns and an almost lack of armour are his largest downfalls, mostly within the eyes of his squad mates, although he has made concessions to the use of other means of combat, after a lengthy discussion with a scientist that she would NOT create a laser revolver, as there would be no point, despite his insistence on style. In regards to appearance, the man is of average height and thin build, an angular face met with sharp eyes and a pony tail. (If available, of course.)

(Class, class.. assault or recon, one assumes. I had never played the latest game over the previous entries to the series, but I would recommend lightest available armour in that practicality band, alongside any association with hand guns.)

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PostPosted: 29 Nov 2014, 23:42 

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Game name: Gayle Valentine
Gayle "Vengeance" Valentine
Born in Canada.
Gayle's nickname comes from the true reason why she fights, its not for personal honor, or glory, not even protect... but rather to Avenge those who have fallen before, those with power to defend themselves and those who could not, the good and the bad. This is why Gayle fights, as a result she is obsessed with blowing the Alien bastards too hell, and most often from close range, and will stop at nothing to accomplish this...

However she isn't completely focused on killing the opponent she exposes herself... well too badly. When Possible Gayle likes to flank her targets to get the jump on them vs running headlong, though that works just as well. She also has no compulsions against working with a team, but often finds herself 'alone' due to her habits of charging ahead and ending Alien Lives.

She will stop at nothing to bring Vengeance upon the Alien scum that have ravaged her home, her family, and her country. Even if it costs her, her life or her humanity...

Personal Vendetta against Chryssalids where their blatant abuse of civilians;by first killing them then turning them into zombies, is viewed by her as a great grievance, and a atrocity of sorts. she doesn't fear any of the aliens in particular but she is unable to understand their robots and the like, putting her ill at ease, when faced with such foes she will often hang back or choose to sit out the mission.

Appearance-wise she is fairly plain, except for her white hair (might not be an option just get whatever is closest >.>)

Class: Assault (duh) (if Enemy within is installed possible Mec Trooper)
Equipment: Gayle favours mobility over armor however the higher tier armors in X-Com do not hamper movement though Mobility+Utility>Straight Armor

Upgrades: (if she makes it that far)
Close and Personal
Close Combat Specialist
Extra Conditioning
Killer Instinct

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2014, 22:29 

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Game name: Peter Horif
Peter "Twitchy" Horif, so named for his propensity for panicking and taking shots he has no hope of hitting in stressful situations. Sniper Class, with a preference for using a pistol (due largely to the fact that he attempts to put distance between himself and the enemy if he's in any remote amount of danger rather than taking the shot with a higher-caliber firearm.) He fills the role of a scout more often than not, being nearly as fascinated by the aliens as he is terrified of them and eager to take a closer look at their technology whenever he has the opportunity. He joined the project not out of bravery but cowardice, traumatized after a close encounter with a muton berserker and barely escaping intact. With any illusion of sitting the war out being the safe option shattered, he joined the project to eliminate the alien menace. Country doesn't matter so much to me, so whatever you happen to get that's a sniper really. He's fairly plain in appearance, dark hair and clean-shaven, preferring armor that's a little lighter (AKA the less the better in terms of armor variants.)

Upgrades if you're unfortunate enough to get stuck with him for the long haul:

Equipment: Skeleton Suit (maybe archangel armor?), pretty much anything that doesn't increase aim because Peter sucks. Grenades might be amusing!

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2014, 20:26 
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Game name: Sydney Meyer
So it seems I'm going to have to strike a balance here between waiting for more volunteers, and not keeping those who already volunteered waiting. Time for an executive decision! Since I have a rather busy weekend and week coming up, I'll start the story next friday.

Now then. Though I'll start at that date regardless of how many volunteers there are, I really could use a few more of you. So make sure to ask around in your covenants and friends lists! As for Elyn and Christopher, please make sure to fill out your reserved spots by then?

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2014, 22:42 
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Game name: Sydney Meyer
(( And away we go! ))

After hours of driving in the back of a military truck the five of you are unloaded at an unknown location and put into what felt like a lift going down. Once it stops you are escorted to a small conference room and your blindfolds are finally removed. The first thing you see is a nervous looking goo girl behind a small podium.

"Right, there you are! Umm... Hi!" She stammers. "Did they tell you anything yet? No, I suppose that's my job.. Okay, here goes! Hi again! I'm Sydney, and they've asked me to tell you guys what to expect while you're here. Let's see here... First of all you should know that they've planned some basic one-on-one training over at the firing range in only an hour, apparently they want to figure out our strong suits asap so they know what to outfit us with. So that should give you just enough time to pick a bunk in the barracks and unpack, which are just down the hall and then the second door on the right. And then I have some good news and some bad news. First the good: since we are not official soldiers and they badly need our help, they agreed we won't have to follow orders! That's pretty great right?! As long as we don't interrupt the base's normal operations too much we can pretty much do whatever we want! And yes, the same goes while we're out on a mission though maybe that won't always be the best idea. As for the bad news, well there really is no easy way of saying this, so I'll just say it: we aren't allowed to leave the base. Ever. But um, at least we have a gym. And a pool table. And I'm pretty sure I saw a deck of cards somewhere. Sooo... Yeah. Oh, but there's one more thing!" She leans over her podium conspiratorially and whispers: "I may or my not have snuck into the central officer's office and it turns out he's supposed to keep the council up-to-date on our actions. I figured we'd might want to read those messages for ourselves as well, so I've set it up so that those reports will be sent to our barracks console too." She raises her voice again and claps her hands loudly. "That's all! Off you go!"

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2014, 22:48 
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Game name: C.O. Bradford
As requested commander, I'm keeping a close eye on our new 'assets' and reporting my findings.

First of all, I'd like to officially express my doubts about this new direction we are taking. Volunteers or no, most of them are simply not soldier material. And how are we supposed to change that, when they are allowed to disregard my orders with impunity?!

Take this Smith character for example. We put him through the motions on the target range and what does he go with? A side arm! We barely managed to convince him to carry a proper weapon, and even then he only wanted something lightweight so it wouldn't throw his hipshot off. He ended up with a sniper rifle, here's hoping he actually deigns to use it sometime...

Want another one? How about volunteer Horif? Triggerfinger like a squirrel but couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if his life depended on it. And yet he was adamant on sticking with the sniper rifle, because twinkletoes wanted to 'keep his distance'. Mark my words, this man is going to desert at the first sight of an alien.

And then there's just the plain bizarre. You are already aware of volunteer Meyer of course. Well it turns out she isn't quite so good at hitting a target as she is at humiliating our base security protocols. Worse still, her pliable physiology makes her barely capable of raising most firearms. In the end we were left with no option but to go for quantity over quality: a high fire rate LMG. Unfortunately it is a heavier weapon than most, so it slows her down significantly and don't count on her firing it without something solid to rest it on first. Other than that, she better get good use out of that grenade we assigned her because it's the one thing she seems to be able to use accurately. What a joke... At least we got her to agree to stick to a single appearance and stop sneaking out of the barracks area. Here's the kicker though: she went with Dr. Vahlen's appearance! Turns out those two have been buddy-buddying it up ever since she first arrived here, and now Dr. Vahlen doesn't even mind having a twin. Scientists...

Thankfully there were at least some recruits with a basic understanding of military protocol. Like volunteer Clarke. He reported in requesting to help his fellow soldiers, and accepted a standard issue support loadout without further question. He may be inexperienced, but at least he knows how to follow an order. His colleagues would do well to learn from him.

Clarke's friend though, Volunteer kitsu, I'm not as sure about... Our troops are conspicuous enough as it is, we don't need anthropomorphic fox creatures running amongst them as well. Still, I must admit she has a remarkably steady hand under pressure and we'd be fools to let her go. Luckily she was understanding and agreed to wear a full-face helmet at all times when on a mission. What did strike me as rather odd is that she requested to carry a medkit. Apparently she was some kind of physician in another life? Well, if that's what it'll take to get her in the field so be it.

And finally, there's this Gayle Valentine woman. Quick on her feet, eager, aggressive. She even specifically requested a shotgun over a rifle because she wanted to 'make it close and personal'. A perfect candidate at a glance. And yet, there is something odd about her. That snow white hair, that glint in her eyes... She is giving everyone around the base the creeps! I just hope she manages to scare the aliens just as much.

Their first mission is bound to come up soon enough. Frankly, I'd consider the project a success if they at least take a few of those alien bastards with them...

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