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PostPosted: 15 Mar 2015, 20:25 

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Game name: Lilyona Hart
Among all the fetishes that I have, transformation is probably my oldest. I have had it since I was six or so. In spite of that, it is also the hardest to talk about in real life for me. I can talk to people about bondage and other things much more easily, because in the kink scene, those things are very common. TF people seem to be a minority even in the kink world (or maybe that's just how I've experienced it). It is hard for me to even bring it up in fetish discussions because there's rarely any "hook" in the conversation to put this into.

It wasn't until I was sixteen that I actually learned that there are other people out there who are into it. Fifteen years after that, and I still had not met anyone outside of the internet who is into it. So I got the impression that we are very rare and far apart.

However, I have talked about it with lovers and friends. Nowadays I try to talk about it even more, because I am tired of hiding my full sexuality from people. I've had lovers who found it intriguing but did not share the arousal. And some who discovered that they like some aspects when I introduced it to them. Still a minority. I've experienced a lot of insecurity and isolation regarding this, and so I have been actively trying to come out of that.

Recently something happened that completely took me by surprise. In general I have been mentioning it to anyone who is becoming close with me. Last night I mentioned it to one such person, and I got a response that I was not expecting. He told me (even before I mentioned any categories of transformations) that thinking about certain types of transformations really turns him on since he was a child, and that he has never told anyone of it before, because he always just used it in his head to fuel his sexuality. He never felt the need to talk about it. And he didn't even know of an existence of a TF community. This was the first time I got a reaction like this.

Has anyone else here ever "come out" as enjoying transformations and have you ever met anyone else outside of the internet who was into it?

I'm curious to know of anything you are willing to share about this. :)

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2015, 17:20 
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Game name: Xander Nikos
My fantasies is also started when I was near 6 years old :) Looks like it's a most comfortable age for such thoughs :D In a childhood I tried to share them with my friends directly or indirectly (tuning our game scenarios for TF theme). But I newer told about it in real life since 14, because of fear seem strange...

PostPosted: 20 May 2015, 22:08 

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I have transformation fantasies since my childhood. I wish I could be turned into sexy nylons/pantyhose and be worn by female owner.

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2015, 06:54 
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Not precisely a "fetish" for me (as it's not sexually arousing to me per se) but it is basically an obsession I've had since childhood, especially when it comes to dragons, dinosaurs, or other reptiles. The "troodon man" ( ... XaKnUZmpUY ) stuck in my head ever since I saw it and eventually became my avatar, screen name, and to a large degree, how I basically view myself (though closer to the troodon than the troodon-man).

Not met anyone outside of the internet who was "into it" to any degree but I haven't shared it with many people (I'm a fairly private person in real life, mostly). Thinking of myself as "Troodon" kind of bled into my life bit by bit, and I even have it on my car's license plate now. That much isn't much of a secret anymore but I've never really shared in person how deep it goes.

I'm long past the point in my life where I care much what others think of me, but there's some things I still keep private from anyone other than close friends (and some things I don't even tell them). I'm more open here than I've ever been around anyone in person (there's few people I've ever admitted my fat/weight gain fetishes to, for example) and I'd say there's still at least half of me I haven't even shared here. Still, I've shared more of myself here than I have anywhere else.

I'm glad for the existence of the internet because without it I'd just think of myself as a freak in my private thoughts while faking being normal around others. But now I can let people know how much of a freak I am and hang out with other freaks lol (no offense intended). It's quite liberating, and while I'm a rather introverted person, it's nice not to feel completely alone.

"Why can't the real world just stop hassling me?" -Matchbox 20, "Real World"

"I'd rather die than give you control." -Nine Inch Nails, "Head Like a Hole"

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