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 Post subject: Yassay's Assembly Place
PostPosted: 04 Jun 2014, 08:25 

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"Hello there, welcome to my little Assembly... here I try to create new Spells... or trap beings like you into devices to perform testing on them. It's so nice for you to volunteer.", a Woman right grom a Steampunk game says, waving you a 'welcom' even trough you aren't sure if it was a good Idea to enter. many different machines are working here and it seems steam is filling the air as you venture deeper into the Lair that you have entered.

  • Places
    • Hospital
  • Spells
    • Humanus Duplus
  • Forms
    • Girl Taur


The Hospital

Where: 10th Ave. W 320 (intersection of 10th Ave with Main would be 130 Main)


The mercy of a Clerk, a few decades back gave this down a Hospital. With it#s recrently rebuild facade it looks like it was build yesterday, but the interior shows that there is more than fourty years of expertice o be found here - except there is no Doc around.


Humanus Duplus
Description of this spell

In search of increasing your chance to transform your opponents, you discovered this Spell that would clone you - well, not quite as you find out quickly enough.

Which form will this spell turn the target into?

Girl Taur

Mana cost


Transformation points added by a successful casting of this spell


Target's willpower decrease when hit by this spell


Where is this spell learned, discovered, or invented?


Short description of how a character learns, discovers, or invents this spell

Roaming the Emergency Room of this empty Hospital you come across an Idea - what If you could double yourself to double the impact on your opponents? After some time trying you manage to clone yourself - well not quite. You can double all of your Body, but somehow this replaces your butt, making you fourlegged and looking like a... Taur.[/code]


Girl Taur

(please Note that someone just mashed something together for me, i doubt they will make a useable render for this)


Meddle did an amazing jo on this one!

Description of what this form looks and acts like.

Being a fourlegged Human Girl isn't easy but she has adappted well. Her long, black hair covers most of her back, even the tail that sprouts out of her spine is black. As she tries not to catch much attention, this beautiful creature get's it where ever she goes.

How many transformation energy points are needed to fully transform a target into this form


Gender of this form. If the form is inanimate, use the gender of whoever is most likely to own or wear it.


Mobility type


What bonuses and penalties does being the form give the player?

Maximum willpower increase: -20
Maximum mana increase: 40
Action point discount when moving: 0.3

1st person 0-20 % transformed, gender neutral

Something doesn't feel right, but apart from loosing your bodyhairand a pressure building in your rear, nothing seems to change.
You whip off the feeling with a quick counterspell.

1st person 20-40 % transformed, gender neutral

The feeling, that something is off is annoying and the pressure in your butt keeps building. Did your ass just look like a bubble butt?
Annoyed with this spell you counter it quickly.

1st person 40-60 % transformed, gender neutral

You gasp in surprise as your hair suddenly become ravenblack and lenghten. Your chest feels swollen and your rear expands and somehow your legs follow - only to split apart and becoming entierly new limbs. All the hair is making it hard to concentrate, but you finally counter this ordeal.

1st person 60-80 % transformed, gender neutral

Hit by your opponents spell, your hair turns black again and rushes down your back, only to meet the back, that your Ass has formed into. Your chest finally creases to itch as it develoves into a nice pair of perky E-Cup-Breasts. Witha bit of effort you reverse the spell.

1st person 80-99 % transformed, gender neutral

Again your butt streched out, forming into a new body, giving you an extra pair of legs. Your hair darkens and lengthens and your breats swell again. Your tail flicks and this distracts you enough to revert to your former self - even when you want to be that Taur Girl.

1st person 100 % transformed, gender neutral

As the last Spell homes in on you, you can feel the pressure of your expanding butt, almost finding it relaxing to know that you have your four legs back. Your hair tingels as it reaches the joining point of your 'two' bodies and in relief you grab your breasts firmly. Now on to finding some one to plow your hole...


I have to write the gender specific ones, also the third person ones... and my english won't allow me to crack don on this, so help would be appriciated.

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2017, 11:47 

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mymy, what a long time...

I think i'll get some new spell sometime soon in here :)

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