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PostPosted: 07 Dec 2014, 11:52 
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Pretty Pony Play Set
Now that there are two types of pony pets in the game, it occurred to me that there may be people out there who would love to dress up as ponies without actually having to be a pet. Well, if any authors are willing to write spells for the images below, that dream can become a reality! Though if you run around dressed as a pony, don't be surprised if someone decides that you secretly want to be a pet… ;)

There are no Undershirt or Pants items in the set. The Bondage Harness, already in the game, would make a perfect Undershirt for the pony gear! If you insist on covering your ass, I suppose a skirt would fit with the theme of the set. I personally recommend the Flirty Three-Tiered Skirt (my recommendation has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I wrote the spell. Honest!). :D

Potential authors are welcome to use or adapt the tongue-in-cheek descriptions that I provided below. However, I encourage them to write their own descriptions if they feel so inclined. I did work up stats for each item on the calculator, and would be happy to provide them to authors – but the stats are also negotiable if an author thinks they have a better idea than mine. 8-)

Pretty Pony Headdress (Hat/Head)
No pony outfit would be complete without a bit, and this is the most stylish bit of all! With its rubber-coated mouthpiece, blinders, ears, and feathered crest, this headdress will make you the envy of every other pony in town! You might find it difficult to talk with the rubber-coated mouthpiece between your teeth, but at least you'll look sexy as you mumble incoherently. Just don't be surprised if the former mage who is now your headdress takes advantage of their proximity to your cerebrum to take charge now and then, or at least try to do so. Though wearing this headdress will erode your will, it helps you stay focused - which, ironically enough, improves your spellcasting accuracy! (- WP max, - WP per update, + Evasion Negation, + Misfire Reduction)

Pretty Pony Arm Binder (Shirt)
Real ponies don't have hands, and a proper pony boy or girl really shouldn't either! If replacing your hands with hooves simply isn't an option, this lovely latex arm glove offers the perfect alternative! With your arms bound tightly behind your back, you will not be tempted to use those hands of yours for anything that a pony shouldn't do - like trying to unbuckle the bit that is making your jaw ache, or remove that chastity belt that is starting the chafe. You might be able to scratch your own ass, but that's about it. Naturally, spellcasting is a little tricky when you are unable to make hand gestures. On the other hand, that delightfully snug, controlled feeling of bondage lends you strength to resist efforts to break you down and change you. (- Critical Hit Chance, - Misfire Reduction, + WP DMG Reduction, + TF DMG Reduction)

Pony Boy's Pride (Underpants)
There are few things in life as impressive as the sight of a pony boy's long, stiff cock bouncing proudly before him as he prances down the street. With this lovingly-detailed prosthetic, you, too, can enjoy the admiration – nay, the adulation! – of your peers as you strut your stuff in public. The pony boy cock fits over most existing male equipment, and even interfaces with female genitalia, providing a full range of sensation. Of course, if you make use of the cock cage that comes with the accompanying pony tail harness, you probably won't be putting that bad boy to much use! Speaking of tails, you can expect the attached pony tail, made of real human hair, to swish and flick about like a living tail to distract your enemies, since it is, in fact, animated by the soul of a former mage! Denial of sexual release steadily erodes your will power and is terribly distracting, but it does help you resist the efforts of others to influence you. (- WP per update, -misfire reduction, + Evasion Negation, + WP DMG Reduction)

Pony Girl's Virtue (Underpants)
There is something intrinsically sexy about the sight of a delightfully helpless pony girl, booted and bitted, with her arms restrained, just waiting for someone to come along and… do things to her. Of course, you might want to control who is able to do certain things with your pony girl - especially if YOU are the pony! This stylish chastity belt will ensure that no one will be accessing the pony's nether parts without permission! Unless they are really good at picking locks… As an added bonus, the attached pony tail, made of real human hair, will swish and flick about like a living tail to distract your enemies, since it is, in fact, animated by the soul of a former mage! Denial of sexual release steadily erodes your will power and is terribly distracting, but it does help you shrug aside efforts to transform you. (- WP per update, -misfire reduction, + Evasion Negation, + TF Energy Removal When Cleansing)

Pony Boots of Prancing (Shoes)
One might argue that it is the hoof boots that make the pony - and rightly so! Nothing affirms your status as a beast more than that distinctive clip-clop of your hooves as you prance down the street. These lovely pink hoof boots are the perfect accessory for any pony outfit. And just think how much fun it is for the lucky mage that you turn into these lovely boots! Not only do they get to enjoy being wrapped around your feet, but they get to make that satisfying sound of a trotting horse ever time their hooves hit the pavement! Enchanted with horsey magic, these boots will enhance your speed and agility, though powering these attributes will drain your mana. The resounding clippety-clop of your hooves also makes stealth impossible. (- Mana per update, - Sneak, + Evasion, + AP movement reduction)


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PostPosted: 05 Dec 2015, 14:41 

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I'm surprised no-one has claimed these things yet! Or, well, at least that's what I can see from my looking around. If no one's started working on these, I'd like to give these a start sometime today. It's always nice to have more bondage (and pony!) stuff.

Edit: [Peon.png] ~{ Work complete. )

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