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Game name: Demona Shadow
BimbXXX - The girl you see before you is a BimbXXX whose race is meant to please a man or women. She stand at a nice 5'11'' because of her natural 6" spikes growing from her heels out of pink unbreakable bone which goes with her baby blue with pink glitter skin. Her hips above her naturally fishnet tattooed looking legs are a wide 42" with a 9" bubble butt. She has a long 6 foot tail the same color as her skin with an expandable cock with bumps all over the cock on the end that cums out the cum she stores up. Her waist is a slim 18" waist under her fake looking F cup breast that very slowly expand over time from cum ingestion. Her shoulders are rather narrow with a shallow indent along the length of the spine. Her lips are a slightly darker shade of blue and are extremely plump, and only grow thicker as she ingests cum. Her face is heartrendingly gorgeous, and the mere sight of her face can cause men to jizz their pants. Her eyes are completly pink, with no separation of white, iris, and pupil. They are a single flat color, but have an iridescent blue shine to them. Her hair birght pink with baby blue and white highlights is always in ankle length twin ponytails with braids wrapped around each teased out curly ponytail. On the side of her head can be seen 6'' long elvish like ears with 3 small rings on each ear near the tip. A pair of thick horns come out of the back of her head, coming forward and then down, curving around her face, framing it. The BimbXXX race tho very bimbo like is also empathic to those she is with, the only way anyone can see clothes of any kind on a BimbXXX is if they are tattooed on and the only way it can be tattooed on is if she is a wealthy and obedient BimbXXX to the ones she is with.

Sphinx - The sphinx stands 5'5", with a large 8 foot wingspan. Her features are a mix of Hispanic and Asian, with skin barely darker then snow. White fur covers her legs up to the thigh, her arms up to the bicep, a thong pattern along her hips, and her chest with a deep V. Wherever her skin is not covered in fur, it is marked with black gothic runes. She has two pairs of breasts, the top pair FF, and the bottom EE. Each is filled with a different flavor of pudding, one chocolate, one vanilla, one butterscotch, and one tapioca. Her nipples are triple the size of normal and colored based on what pudding is in it. A narrow 22" waist contrasts with 44" hips and a 12" bubble butt. 6 feet of snowy white tail extends from her butt, with the last 6 inches being pitch black. Her hands and feet are both paws with retractable talons that are 6" long for her feet and 8" for her hands. Her eyes are an intense shade of gold that glows intensely with cat like pupils. Surrounding them is black Cleopatra style eyeliner loops. Her nose is a cat nose complete with whiskers, and her deep glossy red lips and thick and pouty. Her ears are cat ears, each of them filled with half a dozen gold rings. Her hair is pitch black, falling in an Elvira style to her thighs. Her wings are pierced with a dozen tiny bells, and each nipple has a 2" ring through it. Around her neck is a golden choker covered in white and black diamonds. It is sealed on tightly, and is enchanted to be completely unremovable and indestructible.

Lynx - The Lynx cat-girl you see before you is a bit of a bimbo but a rather shy one. She stands at a nice even 5 foot in height with a rather nice and oh so sexy body. Her hips are a nice wide and sensual 42" with a sultry bubble butt that sticks out a good 14" from her back with a nice foot long fluffy tail above it. Under her nice a perky full C cup breast is a slim 22" waist, above her nice breast is the face of a sultry bimbo. Her cat like eyes are a nice pink with an almost permanent lustful look to them when she is around people she likes. Her nose and mouth are a nice and perfect combo of her human and lynx nature, with her nose being a bit small yet cat like and her lips being very pouty with the upper lip like that of a cats. Her hair is nice and thigh length very thick with large bouncy curls golden blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights. Sticking out of her hair are to larger then normal cat ears that look just so cute on her. Her fur is nice and oh so soft and silk with its light tan-ish brown color with dark brown spots on her hips and shoulders.

Ninja mouse - The cute and adorable mouse girl you see before you is not one to mess with. She may be cute and a bit small being 5' 3'' and have a curvy figure but she is no mere mouse girl but a ninja. Her body is rather curvy from her intense training with her hips being 38" wide with a nice a firm 6" bubble butt that has a 5' tail above it. Above her hips is her 24" waist under her firm and perky 36E cup breast under a cute and sexy face. her face is cute and sexy with her light pink skin and small mouse like muzzle with a pouty lower lips and her enchanting emerald green eyes. Her hair is lower ass length rather thick bright pink with light pink highlighted hair that she normally has braided with chunks falling around her face to accent her beauty. Sticking out of her normally lower back length braided hair are to cute mouse ears. She wears a black with white trim loose top strapless leotard with latex stockings that have built in ninja shoes.

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