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PostPosted: 13 Sep 2016, 02:25 

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Cock Worshipers are a cult of Women, Fembois, Girly Shemales and Feminine Herms that have devoted themselves to servicing the cocks of "the worthy" which is generally any man that has a descent sized dick. They will sometimes do this without the consent of the cocks owner.

The items of the cult don't allow themselves to be removed until a certain number of 'worthy cocks' are 'serviced'... the number needed can vary wildly.

let me know if these are good enough for consideration... (I may want to make one or two more along this theme if these are well received)

Cock Worshipers Mask (hat)

(flavor text)A mask that doubles as a blindfold, it will mold over and bind to the wearers face giving them anonymity. It will cause the wearers mouth to remain permanently open without drying out and will open even wider in direct relation to the wearers closeness to a "worthy" cock.

Cock Worshipers Vestment (shirt)

(flavor text)A soft silk top that covers the arms, back and neck but fully exposes the wearers chest. The neckless locks in place preventing the Vestment removal and the dangling Idol will cause breasts to grow or shrink to match a "worthy one's" preference, even if the wearer is male... magical lubricant will also drip from the golden cock idol to aid in hand-job, boob-jobs and any other action that would benefit from lube.

Cock Worshipers Garment (pants)

(flavor text)A soft silk bottom that fully covers the wearers legs but leaves their genitals and ass exposed. The belt Locks in place to prevent the garment from being removed. A golden cock idol on the belt connects to a gold and pearl chain that loop down between the wearers legs and up between that buttcheeks connecting to the back of the belt. the chain always manages to find its way into a 'female' wearers pussy constantly rubbing and slipping back and forth. For 'male' wearers the chain will wrap around their cock becoming a chastity device that won;t allow its wearer to orgasm until they have serviced there allotted "worthy Cocks".

Cock Worshipers Idol (accessory)

(flavor text)A golden scepter topped with a very large golden cock Idol. The wielder of the scepter will be unable to let it go without 'polishing' it an equal number of times to the number of "Worthy Cocks" they need to service. Sucking, Masturbation and insertion into their own bodies count as 'polishing'. When the wielder successfully 'polishes' the idol it will release a burst of magic that causes powerful euphoric and erotic sensation in its wielder.

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2016, 16:15 
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Anyone can submit new items to be added, check the "Submit Content" link in the top menu bar to do so :)

Also FYI, the art size should be 600x600 so you'll probably need to resize your images (hopefully you have a bigger sized original)

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2016, 15:06 

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Who doesn't love dicks? I think dicks are pretty awesome. Well, except maybe people with dickish attitudes. This stuff seems pretty neat! As Warlock stated, the pictures would have to be larger. The flavor text isn't bad at all, though. Were you looking for someone to write them into spells, or was it just to show off? Even if only the latter, very fun indeed.

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