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PostPosted: 03 Jul 2014, 19:41 
Nyanpire Arist
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Location: Valentine's Castle
Game name: Lilith Valentine
You have stumbled upon a something that isn’t seen everyday. You couldn’t believe what your friend said to you. You were going like “A castle? In our town? Are you joking me?”. But it was truth.

You don’t know why you have entered it. Perhaps a some weird magical force gave you bravery to walk into some kind of trap. Or was it a trap? Anyway, going through doors at random you walked into cellar. A lot of fine drinks were in there. Most of them seem to be much older than you. It feels like some kind of dream. Suddenly a light goes out. You are sure that you are hearing something. Lightly, you move and try to escape. But as soon as you did …

*ddzzing!* A bottle feel from shelf. A loud creek is being heard too. Some light starts to fall into the room… what is in that shine?

Suddenly you hear music. A piano? A saxophone? In cellar? A dim lighted room seems to be some kind of hidden bar or tavern. In the room you see silhouettes of many people. “Oh well, it looks like it’s end for me.” - you say and enter the room anyway.

Intrigued and still getting used back to the light you concentrate on two people. A pair perhaps? A woman and man are sitting in the corner at ornamented black table. A laugh? It's weird but true.
- “And you… you are really sure of that?” - A man with strong voice has spoken. Few moments latter again you can hear laugh.
- “Of course, I am. If I wouldn’t then why should I do that.” - You still can’t get anything from her face. But you know what? A reflection could be seen. Of smile… and fangs? Nah, there aren’t people with such long fangs.
- “But as you wish. I won’t be stopping you.” - And finally some light falls onto the man. And what a man he is - a womaniser, casanova, instant shot to the heart for most of ladies. Woman finally stands up too.
- “It’s time.” She adds. Finally you can see her. And she is looking at you too! Did her eyes just glow in red? In that exact moment she disappears both with the man. It seems that all of the other apparitions have dissolved. A rose fragrance has emerged in the room. Something is on the table. You decide to check it out thinking that she left it for you.

A crystal glass filled with red liquid. A red rose. A dark crimson feather dipped in ink. A velvet white parchment. You take it up to read.

“If you thought that I forgot to take it with me - you are wrong.
I left it for you. Everything. For you to decide.

Reach out for me and I will show you how beautiful night can be.
Sign the document and take a rose. Go and meet me in the Throne Room.
Even if you didn’t know where it is - you now do.

I will be waiting there for you, my Childe.

Are you brave enough to stand together with the Mistress of the Night?

~ Lilith Valentine, Queen of Vampires”

And so it is now your decision. Do you fill this document or not?


We are coven that is set for RP values of the game. We hope to change into PvE covenant if Judoo will implement bosses, duels and more AI controlled enemies. We are friendly bunch with family-feel to the group.
Currently our safe-zone is set to be Valentine Castle (Throne Room). If you want to apply for the coven, please send message to Lilith Valentine describing what are you seeking from the family.

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