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 Post subject: Nova Academy
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What Is Nova Academy?

Nova Academy is the school for Gifted Minds and those gifted in Magic. Founded by Lina in 2309 it was made to be a bastion for students and teacher to research, develop and grow without the restrictions of modern laws and religious groups.
The station thrives to focus on the advancement of both the technological and magic side of life. As well as hopefully to create a unity between the two.

How do I apply to Nova Academy?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You don't apply. The School will either send you a letter. Or in the event of death occasional our scientists manage to trap your spirit and bring it here. Well at least you didint fully die.
This will all be explain in your 4th class of necromancy.

So you just took my spirit without my consent put it in a new body and put me a dorm room and say I have to go to school now?

Yes or you can go die... I mean that literally

Well then what choice do I really have.

Not much! See you in class!

School booklet
Welcome to Nova Academy! The Universes only Magic and Technology research academy! here we are dedicated to advancing the fields of Magic and Science.

To start with you will have been assigned a room in one of 4 dorms. Each designed in which specilization you will be focusing on. You can change once a school year. The 4th door is the freshman dorm which is a tempory one before you decide.

These Dorms names are

Magitech (Magic and technology unity)

Sci-Dorm(The scientific discovery dorm)

Nova-cast(The magical research dorm)

Nova-choice(The freshman dorm)

What is there to do at Nova academy?

I am glad you asked person reading this booklet! Other than mandatory classes! (Anyone found not attending classes will be, persuaded to) it allows for you to truly develop your skills into whichever field you desire.
Be that sports. (We have a regular scheduled tournament each week). Science (Science fairs every week), culture (Film festivals every month) and of cause Magic competitions (Every week unless something goes wrong like everyone gets turned into bunnies)

Outside of classes we have lots and lots of clubs! And encourage students to make clubs they wish to see. The Academy station has an entire separate block for shopping, Recreational facilities such as a GYM. Movie theature, ballroom, swimming baths and much more.
A lot of the shops are often run by students!

Alright. Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, While you cannot technically die here due to the necromantic technology that does not mean your immortal. You can die. You just get a new body the next day in your bed. So please don't do anything stupid. PLEASE.

This Leaflet was written by Carrol Fo Head of social science, If you have any questions contact me on 1212 Carrol. Or visit my office, office times are all day. Being a goo girl means I don't sleep dur!

OOC Stuff

Hello. If you are reading this you probably have noticed that I am insane. Good okay. After buming round TT for a long time now I wanted to make my own coven.

This is a primarily RP focused chat (So do not worry about interfering with TT related activities, Both can be separated or conjoined as the user wants) with the option of playing as many character as they want. It is based on a link between the academy and sunnyglade so do not worry about needing to stick to one character.

Other than that. Well Inquire further to ask questions! See you around!

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