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 Post subject: The Femboi Brigade!
PostPosted: 05 Apr 2016, 07:59 
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Hello Hunnies!

The Femboi Brigade is back!

Now under new leadership; don't worry, I did ask Perri about all this before setting things up so everything is on the level and above board.

Perri has done a fantastic job setting this covenant and under their leadership has seen it grow into something truly wonderful, bringing together an awesome group of players under one fabulous glittery banner, I hope that I can live up to that success as we go forward and continue to build upon that legacy continuing to prove a safe haven for all the good lil' bois of Sunnyglade with your help of course! <3

Our is simple; to have fun, be cute and be oh so very glamorous!

Of course all whilst helping out new people as best we can, showing them the way things work so everyone can have fun femboy or not!

We look after our own in the covenant, helping people become as cute and as glamourous as us!

Our Safehouse will almost always be at Blazes and Glamour Beauty Spa (Front Desk), unless something happens to prevent that!

They -like most of this post- is mostly copied from the old thread, I'll rewrite some of it as we go forward but its important that we ge these things all out there so we are all singing from the same karaoke machine!


1) Never resolve an inanimate TF on an RP tagged member unless it's consensual or in self defenc!. This doesn't mean you have to blatantly ask, but RP it out. If they have that RP tag, you never know what other RP they may be involved in and how getting that inanimate TF might affect things.
2) Let me know who you pic fights with. ;) I'm not talking about just a little fun between girls, but if you start to enchant another covenants area's, I'd like to know. This is just to make sure things don't get griefy.
7) No Real wars not allowed!: We are lovers, not fighters If you are the aggressor anywhere, it shouldn't be because you want to conquer the city. We are about fun! Not world domination. If we attack someone it should be aimed at the mutual fun of all parties involved!

Now for some Femboi spells to share the femmy love!

Spell, Form, Location

Daemon Famulus - Incubus Servant Boy - (Scarlet Forest) Burnt Cabin
Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble! - Bubbling Blue Goo Boy (immobile) - (Scarlet Forest) Burnt Cabin
lil' bunbutt - Fembunni - (Valentine) Enchanted Garden
Adorable Mouse Trap - Adorable Mouse Boy - The Smelly Sorceress Tavern (Dumpsters)
IT'S A TRAP! - Feminine Slut Boy - Sunnyglade Pool (Shallow Swimming Area)
How to train your boi-toy - Lovely Dragon-Boi - Extended Universe Comics (Gaming Room)
Quiver and Shaft - Elven Femboy - Scenic Pathway (Near Sapphire Lake Campground)
Firefox - Red Panda Boi - Eastern Garden
Cat(boi) Scratch Fever - Kitten Boi - Pump-N-Dash Gas Station (Pumps)
Otterly Adorable - Otter Boy - Sunnyglade Pool (Deep Swimming Area)
That's no cat - Femboi skunk - Scenic Pathway (near Sapphire Lake Campground)
Cabbits are weird - Cocky Cabbit Boi - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Laboratory)

Consign to Feline! - Spellbound Cat Boy - Pump-N-Dash (Car Wash)
Big Boi's Don't Cry - Pitiful Sissy Bio - Tennis Court
Hot to Trot - Prancing Pony Boy - Sapphire Lake (Campgrounds)
Cold Winter Night - Snow Cabbit - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Freezers)
Hellish Hop - 'Lil BunSlut - Erie Estate (Mausoleum)

Spells with locations unknown:
Ghostly Nekomata

That's all for now! If you have any questions or anything let me know either here or in game! I am always there to help! And keep an eye on things as I will be updating this thread from time to time!

 Post subject: Re: The Femboi Brigade!
PostPosted: 29 Jun 2016, 14:14 
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Game name: Ziggy Anvil
Updated the OP with new spells, new info and the permanent location of our safe house!

Boy was this over due! Hehe! What can I say! I was too busy making sure my bois in game were looked after!

Gotta look after my bois! :P

 Post subject: Re: The Femboi Brigade!
PostPosted: 07 Mar 2017, 21:14 

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YAY!!!! I have loved being a member of this Coven and am glad it's in good hands!

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