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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
Rikki stretches out her dainty hand holding a small handbook between her slender fingers,
her shiny pink painted nails glimmering from the light. You take the book and open it to read about the
coven. The EGM Handbook reads:

"Welcome back ladies The Supreme Sister thanks you so much for deciding to pledge with EGM again this semester. For those of you who are returning members you know the rules ladies, they haven't changed very much, but it is always smart to refresh your memories about the way things work around here and see what sorts of changes have been made."

The Creed of the Sisterhood: The Sorority Spirit Mother calls to The Supreme Sister and she calls to you. For the spirit of our Lost House Mother must be avenged, this town must know her suffering. Only the Most Beautiful... The Spirit Mother calls on us to take only the most beautiful and feminine forms so that we may entice the town's men and recruit them into Our Sisterhood or lure our enemies into a state of lust so they may be more easily vanquished. Fashion is Law... The Spirit Mother directs us to always dress flirty and sexy and fashionable so that we may enhance our potential for The Sisterhood in accordance with our duties. Your hair, your make up, your jewelry, mix it up girls but always makes sure you're the center of attention when you walk down the street or enter a room. Let
this town's psychos fear us and it's people adore us as their saviors. For The Sisterhood... The Spirit Mother commands us to use our strength and power and feminine charm to take back this town in her name, for her vengeance, for her beautiful body that was stolen by wicked magic and transformed into the very house we call home. For her we have sacrificed our manhood, or our womanhood, but because of her we will attain new glories, new styles, new skills, and new riches. Go forth sisters, swell our ranks, fill our treasuries and our closets, and crush all those who stand against us!

History of The Sisterhood: The Sisterhood was originally a sorority for college girls who attended the town's
local university. The EGM Sorority was led by a very strict girl obsessed with fashion and beauty who disciplined the
girls and enforced a very strict set of rules. 1) Only the Most Beautiful. 2) Fashion is Law. 3) For The Sisterhood.
During this Sorority President's final semester at Sunnyglade Community College a terrible evil befell the town and
enchanted it with a wicked energy. This dark magic took root in the dark caves hidden by the Scarlet Forest and
unleashed a swarm of uncontrollable magic wielding psychos upon the town. The helpless people were terrorized by the psychos and one by one were transformed into the streets, the lamp posts, the buildings, the tress, the grass,
and all of the things that make up the town of Sunnyglade. By the time the psycho invasion had ended only old
Dr. Hadkin's had survived the onslaught. The town became a magnet for many afterwards, those seeking lustful pleasures, those seeking new skills, those who came to enhance their magic, or those who simply got lost and ended up here. As for The President of the EGM Sorority she was transformed into the very house she had ruled over. Her very essence became the walls, the furniture, and everything else within the large structure. But unlike the others she retained her mind and like those who would arrive in town later, she too gained some magical powers. She became The Sorority Spirit Mother and vowed to find a way to fight back the darkness that had destroyed her home
and entrapped her and her loved ones in their new forms.

History of The Supreme Sister: The Supreme Sister was once a skilled martial artist named Rick Flint who came
to the town of Sunnyglade to investigate rumors that the town housed great skills that he hoped he could master. He
left his dojo and loving girl friend behind to seek out new moves that might help him win another world championship.
Upon arriving in Sunnyglade, and quickly discovering he had some how acquired magical powers, he sought out answers to the question that had brought him here. While searching in the House Mother's Bedroom at the EGM Sorority House Rick was confronted by The Sorority Spirit Mother who communicated with him through her portrait which hung above her desk. The Spirit Mother told him of the truth of Sunnyglade's magic and requested his help to restore order and defeat the dreaded psychos to bring justice to her beloved home. Rick was so moved by the Spirit Mother and her plight that he eagerly agreed. Rick was instructed to visit Dr. Hadkin's who had once tutored the Spirit
Mother before the magic consumed their town. The Spirit Mother instructed Rick to have Dr. Hadkin's create dozens of clone bodies of Rick's original form in the event that he were to fall in battle against the psychos. Rick did as was instructed feeling a deep sense of honor to save the town and free its people from their inanimate prisons. With the preparations for cloning complete at Hadkin's research Clinic, the Spirit Mother called Rick back to her house, and taught him the ways of The Sisterhood of EGM. Rick was transformed by the power of The Sorority Spirit Mother into a beautiful woman, she was given all the knowledge necessary to maintain her new beauty and given the confidence to accept her new life. Rick became Rikki Flynnt, The Supreme Sister, leader of The Sisterhood, and was instructed to build an army of men transformed into women to help fight for the vengeance of the town and its people. The Spirit Mother taught Rikki the rules of the house and of the Witches Coven she would build and assured her that men were needed for combat because the strength they could harness from their male pride, but only as women could they control their power and use their feminine charm to lull their enemies into a false sense of security. The Spirit Mother explained that she had chosen Rikki because of her prowess as a fighter and knew she was the only one who could accomplish such a task. The Supreme Sister accepted her new role in the name of freeing the town and set out to build The Sisterhood into a formidable coven that could help bring justice back to the town of Sunnyglade. With little experience to go on Rikki began her mission and sought to recruit new members into the coven...

The History of Captain Rosa: Rosario Valle was a scholarly mage who had traveled to the town of Sunnyglade on a
mission to understand the scientific nature and root elements that allowed magic to take place. Like many visitors
to town he stepped off of the bus with the same confusion most have as vicious psychos hurl spells at one another
wildly in the streets.The scholarly mage was left nearly naked after a blast of magic almost ended his research in
the mysterious town of Sunnyglade, but his desire to understand what this was led him to investigate the town further. After learning a few spells he was able to defeat a few of the psychos in basic magic combat and crafted himself an outfit, a rather feminine outfit, but regardless he had gotten the chance to not only see magic but use it himself. From that moment forward he became hooked, he wanted to see more. His whole life's mission was to study the magic arts, the potions, the sorts of machines that dominated Hadkin's lab. While on his way to Hadkin's lab Rosario was confronted by The Supreme Sister, Rikki. Rikki complimented the young man's cute and flirty outfit and asked him if he would like to join a new Sorority Opening in town. At first the young man seemed confused but was swayed by Rikki's flirtatious attitude and promise of discovering new forms of magic from the coven that would be birthed in the Sorority House. The woman's beauty and her promise of further scholarly research into the magical arts enticed Rosario to accept her offer. Rikki took Rosario back to the EGM Sorority House and informed her of the rules he would have to submit to as a member of the coven and the sacrifice he would have to make. So excited by the opportunity to see more magic at work Rosario agreed and allowed The Supreme Sister to transform
him into a beautiful young female. As a woman, Rosa maintained her scholarly devotions to study magic but also became completely devoted to The Sisterhood. Rosa finally felt complete once her transformation had finished and she was accepted into The Sisterhood. This coven filled her with a sense of pride and she eagerly followed out all of The Supreme Sister's requests. She recruited new members, gathered coin for the coven's coffers, protected her sisters from angry psychos and was soon promoted to Captain of the Coven. Rosa's promotion to Captain cemented her devotion to the Coven and she worked tirelessly to become the shining star of The Sisterhood. As Captain she formed a close bond with The Supreme Sister, developing her feminine charm and eventually being trained in the art of combat by her the former martial artist turned fashionista leader of the EGM Sorority. Rosa's dedication to the Sisterhood allowed her to rise in the ranks and she was humbly honored to be the first member of the coven to be promoted to the position of Spirit Sister. Now it can be hard to find the Captain when she is not deep in thought or working hard to ensure the prosperity of The Sisterhood.

((OOC Information: Hello and thank you for considering pledging with The Sisterhood. This coven is trying to build up
a community of Transformania Time Players who enjoy using the in-game mechanics to spice up their rp. By pledging you will be expected to build a back story for your in-game character, choose a regular in-game form that can be altered for rp reasons and as part of in-game rp twists, and help aide any other members if they are attacked by psychos, bosses, or other pvp coven players. The point is to find other players who "you" can rp with while living out a full story and residing in the town of Sunnyglade.))

((OOC Information: You will also be expected to actually attain in game attire suitable for your chosen form, this
is for the sake of rp purposes and maintaining an in-game mechanic overlay for your in game persona. Clothing provided in form images will not be recognized as the clothing on your in-game character by well disciplined role players in the Coven unless in private rp adventures.))

((OOC Information: As Coven leader I will not be able to rp regularly with everyone, I have to maintain the coven
and introduce new applicants to the coven and when not busy with administrative stuff I usually like to fight
psychos and play out in game rp's associated with the larger story of The Sisterhood with others interested in a
more fantasy adventure based rp mixed in with fits of romance and situational humor. Do not let my disciplined
role playing style scare you off, as I said this coven is to form a community where role players can find
partners whose styles they enjoy and who share the same interests, no drama, just fun.))

((OOC Information: For those interested, I am willing to offer an initiation ceremony rp where your in-game
character will seek approval by my in-game character to join The Sisterhood. This is not necessary to join the coven
but is necessary for those willing to involve themselves in the larger story plot of the coven. I write up coven news
letters that are distributed to members when new story arcs are made throughout the round and when new members join into the in-game story rp world that I will be shaping for the coven's entertainment and participation if they choose.))

((OOC Information: For those wishing to become my clothes, accessories, or pet, a simple rp for getting you
wrapped around my curvy frame if you don't have a specific scenario in mind is to fail your initiation. As punishment you will be tf'd into your desired form so long as it matches the look I am going for. Crop Tops, Flirty Skirts, heels, bras, panties, hair bows, panty pets, handbags, and legendary sexcaliburs please apply <3 <3 ))

You read through the many pages of the book learning about this mysterious coven and it's leaders "Coven Jobs:
All members of The Sisterhood are required to assign themselves a job within the coven. The Spirit
Mother demands we look and do our best in whatever role we assume so as to help spread her glory and restore
peace to her town." ((Your role will be determined by what you're seeking in TT.))

Jobs List:
~ RECRUITER: Use your feminine charm to seduce young men and women into joining the ranks of The Sisterhood.
((You mainly play TT for sexy fun time role plays that do not usually connect and are not interested in participating as
an in-game contributor to the coven but are just looking for others who share rp interests.))
~ Sisterhood Slut: Use your comforting and loving nature to support your sisters on the home front as they expand the power of The Sisterhood. ((You are interested in playing along with the in-game mechanic based story arcs but do not wish to contribute to the in-game enchanting or psycho battling components. You are willing to play as your character in the story line and interact with other story line role play actors accordingly.))
~ Enchantress: You will work your magic to enchant new territory for the conquest of our coven! ((You are a PVP player who really only role plays sometimes and is looking for something more to make the game more exciting. You might play as your in-game character but might also enjoy doing side story role plays not connected with in-game activity.))
~ Sisterhood Security: You will defend The Sisterhood against the threat of the psychos and work to contribute
money into our treasuries. ((You are very interested in playing as an in-game character and part of the larger
rp story arc. You do not want to be PVP but do enjoy hunting psychos and having adventures around the in-game
universe. You are expected to contribute some money to the coven so we can expand territory and purchase in game perks.))
~ Spirit Sister: You have proven yourself as a true member of The Sisterhood and have excelled
above your sisters. You find new sisters, You contribute to our coffers, you assist your sisters in need, you enchant
new territory, and you protect our coven. ((You wish to play a major role in the story arc and are in it for the adventure of the coven. Requires unique role play adventure with The Supreme Sister, disciplined role playing style, and a desire to participate as much as possible in coven events. PVP is preferred but not required.))

((OOC Information on Jobs: Your job will help other members of the coven know how to interact with you when you
are on TT. You should post your job in your bio next round and as long as the coven persists so that other coven members are aware of your reason for joining and can communicate better with you in game and in rp. Additionally if anyone is interested in joining into the larger story arc as an enemy of The Sisterhood please submit scenario story plots to me and consider making a counter coven that wants to not restore the people of Sunnyglade to their human forms.))

"Pledging Process: Congratulations Pledge, if you've made it this far then you've probably got what it
takes to join The Sisterhood of the EGM Sorority and serve for the glory of The Sorority Spirit Mother. All that's
left is for you to officially submit your application. Once your application has been submitted you should
prepare yourself for approval from the Supreme Sister. Be sure you're in a beautiful form (Form can be provided
during initiation ceremony), and make sure you have a cute and flirty outfit before seeking approval. (In-game
outfit must consist of a top and skirt, or a dress, and high heels for initiation, clothing subject to change
depending on job.)

((OOC Pledging Information: Depending on your reason for joining this coven the pledging role play process
is entirely optional for most but mandatory for those players who wish to play primary parts in the
larger role play story, this means maintaining an in-game outfit that is suitable for your form and job
within the coven. Spirit Sisters and Sisterhood Security are required to partake in a private or group
role play of the initiation ceremony with The Supreme Sister or Captain Rosa. If you do not want to be one of the Spirit Sisters or Security Force but are interested in experiencing the initiation ceremony contact me about it. Be aware the initiation ceremony is not a sexually driven role play if that's what you were looking for.))

Rikki giggles and smiles as she sees you finish the handbook, her finger twirling her curly blonde hair as she twirls
around and glances back at you over her shoulder. Her flirty skirt swooshes around her smooth legs as she glances
back over her shoulder and waves flirtatiously with a playful wink, "I hope you consider pledging sweetie!" Rikki giggles
before she walks away, her heels clicking against the sidewalk with her every step, her wide hips swaying and jiggling
her round bootie beneath her skirt. Her curls bouncing as she moves away and the scent of her perfume leaving your senses wanting more...

((OOC Spirit Sister Information: Those pledges who desire to become spirit sisters will be expected to create a
detailed rp character history in the coven thread on the TT forums similar to the ones for The Supreme Sister
and Captain Rosa. If you would like me to write it for you send me a OOC message briefly describing your characters history and I will embellish it with my character's rp interactions with your character.))

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Game name: Christopher Smith
I certainly didn't expect to see Eta Gamma Mu again.

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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
Well it's back, maybe not the same, I did the quest I heard the girls mysteriously vanished and boom made a coven using the in-game universe as my guide LOL. It's got some different rules and a new attitude and a new leader because, I didn't know there had been one before, and I just figured there's a sorority house in this town with no sorority, get out of here! with all these sexy spells. But there's a twist for people who want to shoot for the highest rank and rp with high quality descriptive performers who also happen to strive to turn the rest of this town into our sisters or our handbags... Unless they are nice and friendly and help everyone out and fight the evil psychos. If you mess with our girls we will get you... LOL :lol:

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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
*Rawr* ^^ Rikki snarls playfully and makes a goofy cat face, clawing her hand as if it were a cat paw.

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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
EGM Sorority News Letter: Saturday, June 25, 2016
~ Today The Supreme Sister and Captain Rosa were out hunting psychos near the tavern in town. They saw a powerful psycho terrorizing citizens down the street near the candy store. Together the two leaders of The Sisterhood confronted the fiend and demanded that it stop at once. The fiend lashed out at them both but with their combined strength they defeated the overly powered psycho and Captain Rosa obtained her Spirit Sexcalibur Sword.
~ Following the battle with the psycho, The Supreme Sister encountered a nerdy Mouse Girl named Yomiko. Yomiko,
who thought The Supreme Sister had attacked an innocent civilian, lashed out at Rikki with a fierce magic
attack. Rikki was caught unprepared for the attack after her recent battle with the psycho and was quickly transformed into a mannequin torso. Fortunately the Supreme Sister was able to restore her mobility and after explaining herself to the mouse girl they became quick friends. If you ladies ever see Yomiko on the street be sure to say Hi and let it be known she is a friend to the coven. If she requests our help then we will help her!
~ Terrible Tragedy shook the EGM Sorority today when a failed ambush of a high priority psycho target turned...
For the worst. The Supreme Sister was transformed into a manta ray when she rushed out to attack too quickly. Captain Rosa managed to survive the ambush and reclaim some of the dropped items. Fortunately, the Psycho was defeated and Rikki was freed. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again when another psycho attacked Sivry and transformed her into a sword. Sivry had been carrying our shrunken sister April, who was dropped during the ambush. Her whereabouts at this time are still unknown, let us pray she has not snatched away or lost in the tall grasses... *Eerie Music Plays*
~ Thankfully Sivry was rescued from her Psycho captor by the quick actions of Captain Rosa. Yomiko offered to keep Sivry safe until she could return to her normal form. As for The Supreme Sister she can be found flopping around on the sidewalk along the street outside of our house. If you see her splash some water on her as she struggles to return to a human form, sometimes people pick her up but they usually drop her again immediately because she is slimy and gross right now...

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Supreme Sister Rikki wrote:
*Rawr* ^^ Rikki snarls playfully and makes a goofy cat face, clawing her hand as if it were a cat paw.

This is already a much better incarnation. :D

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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
EGM Sorority News Letter: Sunday, June 26, 2016
~ Upon waking up today in the bath tub as a fish still, The Supreme Sister struggled for only a few minutes until restoring herself to an animate form, seems all she needed to fix herself was some rest. Sivry, who also fell at the hands of the psychos yesterday has also re-assumed her animate form. Thankfully the crisis is over and the coven can rest easy now that everyone is mobile again... for now.
~ Today Captain Rosa, The Supreme Sister, and our new pledge, Angel Blackwell, launched a successful ambush of a high priority psycho that The Spirit Mother had targeted for elimination. During the hunt Yomiko, trusted friend and advisor to the coven, joined in and The Sisterhood was able to emerge victorious. The high priority psycho was transformed into a feather duster for Yomiko as thanks for her assistance. Rumor has it that the girl's have another hunt planned for later this evening...
~ Later that evening before the town of Sunnyglade's magic restored itself back to it's original state, as it does every so often, The Supreme Sister and Captain Rosa were confronted by two powerful Psycho assassins that had come to thwart the coven before the start of the next semester. Fortunately, The Supreme Sister and Captain Rosa were able to fight off these assassins and left them both lying on the streets as helpless inanimate objects. Hope to see you girls again next semester!

Last edited by Supreme Sister Rikki on 28 Jun 2016, 02:03, edited 1 time in total.

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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
Class of Alpha Round 34

Supreme Sister: Rikki Flynnt

Tibia (Katie Bulwark)
Rosa (Rosario Valle)
Alex Angel
Sivry Ruby
Nicole (Nick Price)
Hisayuki Hayuata
Jack Bowles
Jadiel Dennison
Jon Snow .
Deborah Devance
Hisayuki Hayuata
Gwendolyn Reuter
Kara Strong
Sam Myers
Della Bays
Paula Lebron
Angel Blackwell

April Hooker ~ Panty Pet for The Supreme Sister (Rank 25 in Leader board Congrats!)
Syn Crowley ~ Captain Rosa's Pitiful Sissi Boi

Sapphire Snowball ~ Supreme Sister's Bikini Bottoms


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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
JBovinne wrote:
Supreme Sister Rikki wrote:
*Rawr* ^^ Rikki snarls playfully and makes a goofy cat face, clawing her hand as if it were a cat paw.

This is already a much better incarnation. :D

Well I'm glad you like it, I hope to continue it well into the future. :D

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Game name: Rikki Flynnt
EGM Sorority News Letter: Wednesday, June 29, 2016
~ Early yesterday morning as The Supreme Sister and The Captain were finishing up a late night training exercise hunting the dreaded psychos, Sivry arrived, her outfit had been lost during the events of the day before and she needed her clothes to maintain our coven's reputation as the most fashionable. Rikki and Rosa leaped into action and quickly took down two psycho lieutenants. It seems this swift action scared any of their generals away and to complete Sivry's outfit the trio had to settle on a mediocre psycho target to serve as her top. But now Sivry is fully clothed and can resume her activities for the coven with the utmost confidence in her attire.
~ Alert, all private telecommunications in Sunnyglade are being disrupted as an intense festering of
magic flows down upon our town. This magic can be harnessed for yourself but beware our enemies can
also use this increased amount of power to attack us as well. Be careful out there Girls, as Sunnyglade descends into
~ Congratulations girls, the coven safe house has officially been upgraded thanks to the funds
we were able to gather after our many victories against the psychos. Also, as the town was so
confused by the loss of Sunnyglade telecommunications, The Supreme Sister and Captain Rosa managed
to enchant many of the surrounding streets and paths as well as the entirety of the house, except
for the roof, spreading The Spirit Mother's power out into the town so that she may better
guide our coven towards victory.
~ Be careful around town ladies, The Supreme Sister has successfully advanced the power of the
Spirit Mother all the way to Sunnyglade pool. Hooray! This territory was once controlled by
the coven of lewd slavers who are based in the town's park and are known as the Gorgon's
Treasure! This coven may not be very happy about their loss of land so all Spirit Sisters
and Sisterhood Security officers should be aware of any potential hostile actions they may
take against The Sisterhood.
~~ ((Alert Until Further News **Check the News Tab Girls** Use the test server to play TT, link will follow,
message, message will self destruct in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... LINK:
Messages and stuff only derps like 5% of the time, didn't happen to me at all when I played on it for 30 minutes.))
~ After an exhausting day waiting for the Juderpocalypse to come to an end and enchanting the surrounding
streets and pathways around the house, The Supreme Sister was guarding the house until Captain Rosa could fall
asleep, worried that in chaos mode her new found vulnerability as Spirit Sister would cause less noble mages
to bring her harm. They had been attacked many times throughout the day but their overwhelming force made them
a fearsome team against all who dared attack them. As the Juderpocalypse continued and telepathic links were
cut, Rosa became tired from the enchanting and wished to rest. She fell asleep before her magic barrier could
finish securing her so The Supreme Sister stood watch. While standing watch a foolish mage tried to sneak attack
them believing them to be asleep. The Supreme Sister immediately began to attack the assailant, but failed to prevent
Captain Rosa from being transformed into a big bootie girl. The Supreme Sister was able to transform the foolish mage
into a flask but the increased magic of the chaos storm over Sunnyglade allowed the mage to will himself
back to his original form. Rikki again engaged the fool in combat and this time transformed him into an animate sex-doll. The Supreme Sister promised the foolish mage she could stay so long as she agree to serve the covenant and apologize to the Captain. Only The Spirit Mother knows what sort of apology Rosa will need from the new pledge, but let's hold out hope we don't have to make more space in the community closet, it's already full of stupid
frat boys who are by far the worst ever at doing panty raids. :lol:

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