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PostPosted: 17 Oct 2014, 22:37 

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Game name: Mahoney
Greetings and welcome to The Spell Collectors Guild,

My name is Mahoney, and I’m the founder of this covenant. So I bet you have some questions, and I’m here to try and answer them as best I can.

1. What exactly is The Spell Collectors Guild?

Our covenant was founded by players who enjoy having a wide variety of spells available to them, thus the title of Spell Collectors. Many of the original members in round 10 had more than 100 spells at the time this covenant was founded. However, the group itself is an open social group which focuses on making sure players can get help when they need it.

2. What kind of player joins this covenant?

We’re made up of all different kinds of players. Some who are in PvP mode, some who are just in P. We don’t make a distinction as to what mode you prefer to be in when accepting new members. We accept members of all levels, and there’s no requirement for the number of spells you must have, or must learn. I do prefer members who are animate, but there’s no prohibition against people who are inanimate, either by choice or misfortune.

3. What are the rules of this covenant?

I tend to not want to play rules enforcer here. We’re here to have fun with this and you should too. So as far as expectations, we expect players to play fair, help covenant members if they ask, and generally be good sports about things. As far as specifics, I expect you not to attack others indiscriminately, either by drive-by attacks (sniping) or interfering with an active RP or PvE event (backstabbing). If a person has an RP tag or a bio message, it’s polite to ask them before trying to transform them. That’s just a matter of good manners. If you’re in PvP, do the courtesy of fighting 1 on 1 with anyone else in the guild if you must engage, but since we’re in the same covenant, I would prefer you treat it as an alliance and leave each other alone. Basically be a decent sport, and we’re good.

4. What about RP?

I don’t get involved with what you want to do when it comes to RP other than to say I don’t engage in it myself. That’s between two consenting players and I leave it that way.

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to ask.

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