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 Post subject: Chosen of mother.
PostPosted: 30 Nov 2014, 19:24 

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Game name: Petra Tracy
Welcome to the loving embrace of mother.

Who is mother? She is the air we breathe, the sky above our heads, and the people we love. She is the universe and like us she is alive. she watches over us and brings us life! however she is burdened with tremendous responsibility, and like us, she is capable of making mistakes. These mistakes usually happen by placing souls in the wrong vessels. dolls in women, women in men, men in animals. With every mistake she makes her heart grows heavy, but she has chosen us to do her work and correct her beautiful design.

Mother's tenants:

During my many years before mother remade me in the image of a semi-liquid human, mother taught me many things. the most important of which, were her four tenants:

1. You must never change someone without their permission, and never into anything they did not request. doing so only serves to further flaw mothers great image, and our purpose is to correct it.

2. Anyone changing people against their will is exempt from the previous protection. It is acceptable to create one flaw to prevent the creation of a dozen more. Some people abuse their gift to try and destroy mothers design, and these people must be stopped.

3. If you find someone who asks you to change them, this is someone who has been placed in the wrong body. you must change them into what they ask of you. if you do not know how you must seek either this knowledge or someone who does.

4. Mother's family is always open, we accept any person or object as a member. Do not hesitate to join us. be you a man, woman, beast, clothing, or doll, you may find a home among mother's chosen. offer a hand of invitation to all who ask your help.

5. Share your knowledge, the more magic we know, the better we may help those who are in need of mother's guidance. If you find a new spell, lets the coven know so we may gather a public library of knowledge.

Gathered here is the list of spells I have found thus far, in time i hope to make this list look better. for now, here is the list:

Sneaker shot - sweater girls gym cardio machines
amazonian allure - sweater girls gym cardio machines
Writ of Sealing. - Sweater Girls Gym (Weight Machines)
Glass Cannon. - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Lobby)
Welcome to the Dollhouse. - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Laboratory)
Purification - Sunnyglade Park (Strange Shrine)
Dat ass - Milton Ranch (Grassy Pasture)
Bunny Love - Milton Ranch (Grassy Pasture)
Woolie Bully - Milton Ranch (Barn)
Hickory Dickory Dyke - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Secret Laboratory)
Liquefy. - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Secret Laboratory)
Liquefy V2.0. - Dr. Hadkin's Research Clinic (Offices)
Milk Maiden - Carolyne's Coffee Shop (Kitchen)
Heavy Artillery - Extended Universe Comics (Video/Board Game Shelves)
Ground Under Foot - Extended Universe Comics (Video/Board Game Shelves)
Staff Fetish. - Extended Universe Comics (Video/Board Game Shelves)
Blue Feather - Valentine Castle (Enchanted Garden)

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