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These are userscripts. A userscript makes alterations to a webpage after the page is downloaded from the web (client-side). For maximum convenience and safety, you'll want to use these scripts with a userscript manager such as Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Read more here:

None of these scripts send requests to the Transformania Time server outside of direct user interaction, and they don't send out requests to the server for "extra" data during or after a page load. In other words, they shouldn't violate TOS.

All of these scripts are open source.

Main Page Remake: ... age_Remake
Largest script I've written. Resizing, recoloring, moving elements around, some added links. Most useful if you play on a widescreen monitor.

Hotkeys! Press a key, go to another page. You can walk around town with the WASD keys. Only one hotkey works at a time, so if your cat jumps up on your keyboard, it will send only one request to the Transformania Time server instead of twenty.
More TfT scripts, miscellaneous things like centering the map on your location automatically.

I also wrote guides for the TfT quests, but you probably already knew that. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1184

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Your scripts look pretty useful. WASD movement is particularly awesome!

You got me thinking it would be really cool if locations were live and items being dropped / players moving automatically showed up or vanished instead of having to perform an action or refresh the page to see them. It would be really awesome if the turn ending automatically updated your willpower, mana, and allowed you to cast spells again without having to refresh the page first. That would probably require too much coding to implement, and scripts that would do such would violate TOS.

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2018, 05:32 
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It's a distance goal to have the page update in realtime, the same as chat does. Unfortunately that's a long long way off yet, and pretty much requires a total rewrite of the main play page.

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