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PostPosted: 12 Feb 2018, 00:54 

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Game name: Kari Pink
So, with stats being moved to runes, I was considering something and wanted to toss it out there to see what others thought.

Obviously, the way the system currently works is level up > stats go up > level up > stats go up... So on and so forth till the round resets, only to repeat. Now, with the stats being a bit less attuned to the items, I was thinking that it could be a good time to look at what benefits an item/pet, both an NPC and player one, could potentially provide to their player, which got me going onto this specific idea.

Every time (Or every other time) an item/pet levels, they could one thing pick from a pool of traits. Say, 2-3 or something of the sort. NPC items/pets would just have some randomly assigned to them based on level. An example of potential traits/perks!

Shared with items/pets/on use items-

Lucky: Higher chance to find consumable items on search.
Unlucky: Lower chance to find consumable items on search.
Magical: Higher chance to find spells.
Magicless: Lower chance to find spells.
High Quality: Worth more to sell to a vendor.
Low Quality: Worth less to sell to a vendor.

Equipped items-

Cursed: Can't be removed for X turns, or using <insert item here>.
Loose Fit: Chance to fall off whenever you trip.
Tight Fit: Chance to fail at putting the item on.
Perfect Fit: Can be taken off at any time.


Slack Leash: Pet can roam one square in any direction away from their owner.
Untrained Pet: Pet can attempt to pull their owner in a direction instead of their normal actions for a turn (Does not remove or reset offline timer).
Wild Beast: Pet needs to be inactive for 30 minutes to be tamed once feral.
Adorable Pet: Once tamed, can not be released or sold for X amount of turns, or using <insert item here>.

On use items-

Slippery: Chance to fall to the floor on use.
Addictive: User can not drop or sell the item once used for X amount of turns, or using <insert item here>.
Life Changing: Item can choose an animate form. When their owner uses it, there is a chance they will turn into that form on use.

And things along that nature. Stuff that can have a bigger impact on how items can affect their owners outside of stats. Naturally there would need to be a lot more than that, but seemed like enough to get a general idea on what I was going for. :D

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2018, 02:29 

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If I was implementing this, I would limit it to all of the shared perks for simplicity's sake. The other one I'd add would be the Life Changing perk, which I think would need to be altered to be implemented. Some specific items and pets have the ability to transform the owner based on a percent chance. The life-changing perk could be implemented like that, but the form is chosen rather than set by the item type.

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