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 Post subject: Good read for newbies
PostPosted: 12 May 2014, 23:59 
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Game name: Tsubaki Mizu
written by Judoo, retrieved from: ... /HowToPlay


You are a spellcaster, inexperienced but more than ready to prove your worth. Recently, something has compelled you to come to a small town out in the middle of nowhere, a place with no interesting history or circumstances other than some rumors that every inhabitant is a magic user. Even from hundreds or thousands of miles away, you sense a great and mysterious power in this town, a power that could make you stronger and mightier than any who have ever come before you. It's it's yours for the taking if you can find and claim it. But you aren't alone--dozens of others have travelled from around the world to be here and seek the same mysterious source of magical energy. You might form up some temporary ceasefires or possibly even alliances, but in the end only one of you will be able to claim this power... and the rest need to be transformed so that they no longer pose any threat to your amibition.

Being a transformation witch or wizard, you are adept at magical duels to determine the physical fate of the loser. Transforming all those who would stand in your way into statues, panties, mindlessly loyal bimbos, and who knows what other manner of inanimate objects will be how you become the last man or woman standing. If you want to claim the prize and walk out on two human legs, you'd better brush up on your transformation spells!

How to Play
The goal of this game is to transform your competition, other spellcasters, ultimately into forms that can pose you no threat. You do this by casting spells against other players which, once your target's willpower is low enough and enough energy has built up inside their bodies, will change their forms into animate forms, inanimate objects, or animals. Here are the core concepts of the game.
Action Points

You will inevitably need to move around town to find, or flee from, your competition, as well as attack them, find new spells, meditate to recover mana, or cleanse your body to recover willpower. All of these take action points. Action points limit how much you can do at a time and will replenish every ten minutes--check back a bit later you will have a few more to spend. Action points can be accumulated up to a maximum of 120.

So long as you have legs or something equivalent, you can move about town in search--or in flight of--your opponents. Moving costs one action point but certain forms or items you can wear or equip can increase or decrease the amount.

Willpower measures your ability to resist others' magic. It is reduced when an opponent successfully casts a spell against you. It can be restored by cleansing yourself or by consuming certain herbs or potions or using magical items. If your willpower has dropped to half of its maximum amount, you become vulnerable to transformations that leave you in a different animate body (ie, a humanoid person/creature that can move and act on its own free will). If your willpower drops to zero, you risk being transformed into something inanimate or animal, which will end your old life as a person and start the next chapter of being an object or animal that your opponent, or anyone else who claims you, can wear, carry, or keep as a pet.

All spells cost mana to cast. Mana can be recovered by meditating or consuming mana-restoring herbs or potions. Certain worn/equipped items might also slowly but automatically replenish your mana over time or increase the maximum amount you can hold within yourself at a time.

You can meditate to restore some mana. Meditating costs four actions points and restores ten mana. The amount restored per meditation session can be increased from items you are wearing/have equipped as well as your current form.

You can cleanse your body to restore some willpower. Cleaning costs 4 action points and 3 mana, but it will restore 10 willpower, leaving you in a better shape to resist others' spells casts against you. Cleansing will also remove a small percentage of every type of transformation energy your body currently has built up from others attacking you. You can cleanse more effectively at higher levels, and certain forms or items can help you recover even more willpower.

You can search your current location for items or spells. Some spells can only be learned in certain regions or even specific locations, so you might find it beneficial to explore different parts of town.

Your form is what you currently are. An adult male, an adult female, a catgirl, a tree, a pair of panties, a horse, etc. Some forms are animate--human or humanoid people or creatures that are still capable of moving and acting on their own free will. Some are inanimate, unable to move or cast spells and permanently at the mercy of anyone who picks them up. Forms can also be animals which can no longer cast magic but can still interact with the town and other players in a basic way. Your form may affect your abilities, giving you certain bonuses or penalties until you transform into something different.

Spells are small manipulations of the fibers of the universe that alter the matter that a certain entity is made up of. You can cast spells against opponents to change their bodies into different forms. Spells require mana and actions points to cast, and there is always a chance that your spell will be avoided by your opponent, hit a vulnerable spot on their body and deal extra power, or possible even critically backfire, lowering your own willpower instead! You can learn new spells by searching around town--most spells can only be found in certain areas.
Transformation energy

If you find yourself casting spells at an opponent, one spell cast probably won't do a whole lot--your opponent will be able to resist the magic and reverse any changes that affect their body. You need to allow transformation energy to build up in your opponent by repeatedly casting the spell against them. Even if your opponent has no willpower left, you may need to keep casting your spell for enough transformation energy to build up and overwhelm them for good, sealing them into their new form. Similarly, even if your opponent is maxed out with a type of transformation energy, you might need to decrease their willpower to allow one final cast of the spell to finish them off. Each spell adds a unique type of transformation energy against its target. Transformation energy can be partially decreased from your body by cleansing, but only in small, unknown increments.

Items are things you can carry with you, wear, consume, or consume from. Items can be clothing which can be worn, and doing so may offer special bonuses to your willpower, mana, spell casting abilities, resistance to spells, sneaking, and more. You can also drop items if you no longer want them. Players who have been transformed into an inanimate states become items, and any items a player is carrying when he or she is turned into an item themself will fall to the ground for anyone to claim. Items can be in a player's inventory or on the ground at a particular location.

Items have levels. An item's level is set equal to the level of the player who was transformed to create it, so transforming higher level players will result in higher level items. Additionally, if an item likes or dislikes its new owner enough, it can slowly grow more powerful over time by subtling interacting with its owner. Higher level items will have more drastic bonuses and penalties for their wearers. The only type of item that does not have levels are one-time-use consumeables, which players cannot be transformed into.

Items come in the following types:
Undershirts (bras, sweatshirts, anything that is worn below a shirt)
Pants (or skirts)
Underpants (boxers, briefs, panties, thongs--stuff that covers one's junk)
Accessories (purses, backpacks, jewelrjy, etc)
Consumeables (one-time use foods or beverages and will vanish when used)
Reusable Consumeables (mutliple-use items that store consumeable contents inside them)

You can only wear one of each type at a time except for accessories. You can carry two different types of accessories, one for your left hand and the other for your right.

Pets and animals are players who have been turned permanently into animals. They can either be feral or tamed. Feral animals can roam around the town at will. Tamed pets will always follow their master. Pets can interact with any players in a location, not just their owner. And like inanimate players, pets can grow more powerful over time via this interaction.

Your inventory is all of the items you currently posses. You can only carry a maximum number of items at a time before you will be unable to pick up any more. You can pick up more items by using consumeable items, wearing something you are carrying (items that are worn/equipped do not count against your inventory item limit as they rest comfortably on your body) or dropping items you are carrying. If you search a location and find a new item and your inventory is full, something else that you are carrying but do not have worn or equipped will fall to the ground.

A location is, quite simply, a place where something can happen. You can tap into the wells of time to discover what recent events have been happening at this location. Some spells are unique to a specific location and can only be learned when searching there.

A region is a group of similar locations by theme and geographic location. Some spells are region-specific and can be found in any location within a particular region.
There is a map provided where you can see the layout of the town. The pink-shaded area on the map is where you currently are.
Recent Activities

Spellcasters posses a rare ability to tap into the strings of time to discover what has happened at a particular place in the last few hours. Any activities that you or another spellcaster perform in a location is recorded for a while, whether that action is entering or leaving a location, searching, meditating, cleansing, dropping/picking up items, or attacking. Be warned, this means an opponent may trace your path and attack you when you least suspect it. If you are wearing certain items, however, there is a chance you can move from one location to another silently without leaving a trail for others to track you, giving you a chance or losing or confusing a pursuer.

You also have a list of recent activites in which you yourself have partaken and the actions of those others have taken against you.
Experience and Experience Levels

As with any action, the more you practice at something the better you'll become at it. You will gain experience every time you cast a spell against an opponent as long as it adds transformation energy to their body. The amount of experience you earn varies by whether the spell turns the target into an animate form (deals an extra %50 experience) or inanimate form, as well as the level difference between you and the target. Low level players will gain extra experience when attacking a higher level player, and higher level players will earn less or no experience when attacking a lower level player.

Once you gain enough experience, you will gain an experience level, raising your maximum willpower and mana limits. Each experience level requires more experience to attain than the previous.

Every time you level up you can choose a perk, permanently increasing an ability of yours no matter what form your body is in or what items you are wearing. If you start out in PvP mode, you get one free perk automatically.

You can send messages to other players to coordinate an attack against a mutual opponent, taunt your victim, plead for mercy, or just strike up a friendly conversation.

Offline Protection
You character can never leave the game world and will always be vulnerable to other players casting spells upon them. However, players that have not made any actions that consume action points (moving, attacking, cleansing, meditating, and search all take action points) for 1 hour are considered "offline". Casting spells against offline players will significantly decrease the amount of willpower damage and transformation energy dealt to the target, as well as earn the attacker proportionally less experience.

Enjoy the company of a particular companion? You can request to be their friend on the Look At Player page. If they accept, you can see when they are online or offline. Should a particular character turn inanimate or animal and they choose to start over with another, they will remain on your friends list under their new name as a means of keeping in contact with you.

The game is broken up into rounds, each of which lasts approximately two weeks. When a new round begins, the world is totally reset--all players, items, spells, messages, EVERYTHING is deleted. All new characters will once again start at on a level playing field and an equal opportunity to rise to the top of the greatest spellcasters of all.

You can see the top 100 most experience spellcasters in the town on the leaderboard, as well as their currently form, level, and experience.

PvP Mode
When the round begins, or at any time during the round, you can choose to opt in to Player Versus Player (PvP) mode. Entering this mode means you are opening yourself up to any attack from any other PvP player and can be turned into an inanimate object or an animal, as well as do the same to others in PvP mode. If you are NOT in PvP mode, you cannot cast or be hit by inanimate or animal spells (unless your target is an AI-controlled bot, in which case any spell is fair game.)

If you choose to start in PvP mode, you are allowed to pick a perk right at the very beginning of your player's arrival into the town, no need to reach level 2 first. Additionally, if you are NOT in PvP mode, you will earn experience at half the rate of usual.
RP Flag

You can choose to turn on a Roleplaying flag at any time. This indicates to other players that you enjoy roleplaying. You can enable or disable this flag at any time. Whether or not you have this flag enabled has no effect on gameplay.

Tips for the New Arrival
In a dangerous transformation combat zone a majority of mages can expect to spend at least their next few years as an object or animal. Here are a few tips for magic casters who may want to keep a humanoid form for a while.
Before going offline, raise your willpower as high as possible.

Many of your peers are in it for an easy transformation and a quick getaway. A mage with low willpower makes for an attractive target, even if they are offline. Cleanse as much as you are able, eat willflower petals and roots, use inanimate players whose new forms restore willpower, or any other means of restoring willpower that you can think of. Beware of forms or items that slowly drain your willpower over time.

Attacking offline players is risky

While attacking offline players is a legitimate way of scoring a transformation and a new pet or item, many magic casters feel it is less than honorable. If they catch you doing this, many will target you.

Make friends...

Message other players and request friendships. Some people are actually looking forward to a relaxing life as an inanimate object or animal and will allow you to transform without a fight. Some attackers stop casting spells at you if you simply ask them not to. If you catch yourself in a pickle or want to hunt in a pack, friends may come to your rescue by chasing off or inanimating your opposition.

...and use the chat.

There is a real-time chat where players can make friends, ask questions, or try to coordinate a defense or attack against a particular player or a group of targets. There are many friendly regulars who will be glad to help you out.
Some locations are unofficial 'safe' zones

Some locations tend to have a high population density where active players congregate. This location may be a safe zone and its inhabitants may enforce their own rules on spell casting. For example, the Smelly Sorceress (Bar Counter) location has, for over two rounds, been an inanimate and animal spell-free zone. Mages who break these unofficial rules may quickly find themselves swarmed by peacekeepers. Be warned, though, this is still no guarantee of your safety, and at times the peacekeepers may operate more like the mafia!
Be Polite

Being rude to other players is a sure way of getting yourself targetted. Be polite and you'll likely stay animate longer.
Keep some action points on hand for emergencies

You may at any time find some mages targetting you when you do not wish to be. You may not be able to handle the fight and need to retreat and perform some hasty cleansing. Keep some action points saved up for this potential scenario.

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This guy

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 13:46 
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Looks like this manual is some outdated?
If you search a location and find a new item and your inventory is full, something else that you are carrying but do not have worn or equipped will fall to the ground.

As I saw, newly found item is drops on the ground, but nothing from inventory...

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 16:30 
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This manual is very, very outdated. is more up to date, but not entirely so.

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2015, 17:34 
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Judoo wrote:
This manual is very, very outdated. is more up to date, but not entirely so.

Yep, I tried to make it's translation and found some difference from game reality :)

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I'm a newbie, but I love what i'm seeing here. I just joined last night. I am a bit confused about how rounds work and when ap is replenished. From my reading of the rules it says ap is replenished every 10 minutes. But i'm not sure why that's not being the case. Is it that we're between some round period? If so when do new round periods start? Will it'll return to the 10 minute cycle once that occurs? How long do rounds last? I'm trying to catch up from context I've seen in the rules and some of the posts I've read, so i apologize if I'm a bit confused. If the game is between rounds and it's a sleep period or something for development, when will the next round start? i'm very interested in playing hope to contribute. This looks like an awesome concept and I am happy to have found it.

Also, is there a way to dip into the reserve AP? i'm not understanding what reserve AP is i guess.

chastity sublime

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Judoo will turn the game into chaos mode after its end when he is home until the next round. Once the timer reaches 2500/2500 the current one is over. In chaos you have no limit on attacks and AP and mana are refreshed each turn.

He normally sets it to 1000 or 1250 and then tries to implement new features. From then on the 10 minute cycle will work once again.

The new round will have a reset, so you will need to collect all items and spells again.

Reserve AP is granted in between turns in packs of 30. This saves some of your regenerated APs when you sleep or work and lets you use them up later in small doses.

I mean, travelling preaching dense moemerchant? Sign me up alright.
-Finean Gaige 29.01.2015

You cursed Olive Sutter III with Gift of the Fae. (+1 XP) Congratulations, you have gained an experience level!
- Level 7 to 8...

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Thank You Vivien :D ,

So how often do new rounds start?

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chastitysublime wrote:
Thank You Vivien :D ,

So how often do new rounds start?

Pretty quickly most of the time. Like a week and a half at most. This one might be a bit longer coming though as their is some MAJOR overhauling being proposed to the way in game stats work.

Till then you can run around, RP, cast unlimited spells and generally just have fun. ;)

Only things your missing out on are the competitive PvP and bosses, neither of which are going to keep you from having a good time.

My advise if your new, look at the "Covenant" list on the top bar and look for a group who's theme looks like something you would have fun playing around with. Unless your strictly hear for PvP then socializing, RPing and making your own fun inside of the game are probably your best bets for getting the most out of your time here!

And feel free to PM any of us here on the form or in game if you need help with anything. 90% of us are happy to help.
Same for people with RP tags in the game its self, since they tend to be at least reasonably happy to talk to people. :)

Art by the lovely Luxianne

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Technical question:

When a spell is cast on you the description tells you how much willpower you lose, your tf energy accumulation out of 100, the spell effects script, and finally a percentage in parenthesis.

my question is when are you actually transformed by a spell, when your tf energy reaches 100+, or when the percentage at the bottom of the description reaches 100%

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